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The Doors "Light My Fire":

Cat Fight with Jose Feliciano's Wife

February 7, 2002 -- Man, leave it to the internet to bring people together... I just had this cat fight with Jose Feliciano's wife.. I went up to his website to lodge a complaint, and nature took its course..

LouV (Jan 30, 12:24 pm, in missive posted to Jose Feliciano's website):

Why did you steal the DOORS "Light My Fire" when their song had just been released and was at the top of the charts? I find this inexcusable, and have held it against you your entire career. Why did you do it? Did you think it was an old song that you could 'cover'?

FelicianoEnterprises (Feb 6, 9:29 pm):

Lou, get over it.  The writers and publishers thanked Jose for making their song "a standard". Even Michael Jackson, who owns the tune has personally congratulated Jose on its beauty and enduring success.

LouV (Feb 7, 12:19 am):

The writers? I've heard differently. I've read the 'writers' were pissed.

What does Michael Jackson have to do with it? He didn't write the song. He was like 5 in 1967.

And no apology ever from Mr. Feliciano. He's a bum.

FelicianoEnterprises  (Feb 7, 7:56 am):

Michael Jackson OWNS the song, my darling.

LouV (Feb 7, 12:26 pm):

He didn't own it when Feliciano stole it from the Doors. He's still a thief; Michael Jackson probably has no clue about the controversy it caused in 1967.

Are you Jose Feliciano's official spokesperson, darling?

FelicianoEnterprises (Feb 7, 1:14 pm):

First of all, after a song is recorded ANYBODY can re-release it so long as the title, lyrics and/or melody is not changed significantly and you give proper credit to the writer(s) and publisher(s). So I wouldn't be too loose with the slanderous accusations, if I were you, for he certainly did not steal anything. Secondly, the "covering" of a particular song is considered in the industry as a good thing because of the revenue;  Feliciano's "Light My Fire" earned Morrison, Manzarek, Kreiger and Densmore, as well as ASCAP, millions of dollars over the years, worldwide. Thirdly, it was recorded and a hit for Jose in 1968; not 1967. And lastly, my dear, I am an official spokesperson -- I'm his wife. So really, get over it; it's not good for your health.


LouV (Feb 7, 1:26 pm):

You don't cover a song the same freakin year that someone released it. Is anyone out there today 'covering' System of a Down's "Chop Suey!". It's unheard of. You let the song play its course on the charts first before covering. Let it live a life of it's own. Wait 2 or 3 years at least. Then it's an honor. Sorry, but Jose was dead wrong on this. It is one of the great 'cover' screw ups in history. Musicians in the know today say to themselves, 'you can cover it, but just don't do what Jose Feliciano did to the Doors.'

FelicianoEnterprises = Feliciano's Wife (Feb 7, 1:46 pm):

It was a full year later.  The record company recommended the recording based on its freshness. It was a gigantic hit and Robbie Kreiger and Jose are buds. Case closed.

LouV (Feb 7, 1:52 pm):

So are Ali and Frazier. Sometimes the worst enemies can become the best of friends.. All I know is that I've read in many books that members of the Doors, including Kreiger, were pissed at the time.

Anyway, that's good to hear. You should publicize this on your website. Help
to sway over any people holding old grudges like myself.

(Chop Suey would not be a bad song for Jose to cover, by the way..)

Thanks for your time


Feliciano's Wife (Feb 7, 1:58 pm):



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