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TV Show Review:

The Chris Isaak Show

February 14, 2004 -- Waited two years to finally get the Chris Isaak show, and I'm not disappointed. What a fun show. 

This is the third season. If you haven't seen it, try to. 

Chris is a terrific actor; very funny. As are his actual bandmates who are in the show. The keyboard player is actually an actor as is the manager. She's terrific too. 

And every week there's a guest star. Last week Gloria Estefan tried to steal his drummer. Her acting was so-so -- at times good; at times a bit wooden. But overall I think she played the part of a vamp well. Obviously a pretty funny inside joke. Is she looking for a drummer? 

Earlier this season, Michelle Branch was on, when Isaak ran for parking ticket commissioner of San Francisco. Michelle Branch is great but her talents don't transfer well to acting. At least not yet; she seemed wooden. But it was fun to see her in the role. 

And of course you get music too in the show. 

Next week Shelby Lynne is scheduled as the guest star. Can't wait. 

I love Mona, Chris's inner conscience. A naked mermaid lying face down on a revolving table. The looks she gives him are priceless.

-- LouV