"First Listen" Review

A "First Listen" review is done on the fly, writing the review as you listen to the album for the first time, in a stream of thought. The same theory as Beatnik poetry, or Paul Bryan's idea of writing a song in one go.

As far as reviews go, it means we are ruling out the possibility of the music 'growing' on us, which is a bit unfair to the artist.









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'First Listen' Review

I Am Sam

'First Listen Review' by LouV

f'n Great so far.

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn doing 'Two of Us' -- F'n GREAT. 

Sarah McLachlan doing 'Blackbird' -- very good. Where's Han Ko?

Rufus Wainwright doing 'Across the Universe' -- Great. Not sure if its just the song that's great or Rufus.. Who's Rufus Wainwright?

The Wallflowers doing 'I'm Looking Through You' Good


I may have to get it then.


Eddie Vedder doing 'You've Got to Hide Your Love Away' -- GREAt. I'm going home tonight and play this on guitar..

I think Michael Penn is Sean Penn's brother. Sean Penn is in the movie..

wow, here comes Strawberry Fields..

Ben Harper doing 'Strawberry Fields'... very psychedelic. Wow, really good. Gets better as the song goes on. Sounds like a cross between Richie Havens and Seal..

Sheryl Crow doing 'Mother Nature's Son'.. good.. playfull..

lot more to come.. 17 songs on this album. A 'must have' so far.

Ben Folds doing 'Golden Slumbers' .. I mean the songs by themselves are Great.. you can't get these wrong.. Good. Who's Ben Folds? Wasn't he in Ben Folds Five? (What happened to the other ..?) 

The Vines doing 'I'm Only Sleeping'.. good.

Stereophonics doing 'Don't Let Me Down'.. good. Little too bluesy for me.

The Black Crowes doing 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'.. good. Hard not to sound like the Beatles when you do 'Lucy in the Sky..'..

Chocolate Genius doing 'Julia'.. good; like the Beatles version better..

Heather Nova doing 'We Can Work It Out' .. very good. Who the heck is Heather Nova?

Howie Day doing 'Help!' .. real good.


I love Ben Folds Five.

I grew up with Richie Havens daughter. Is that like the ten millionth time I've told you that?


Paul Westerberg doing 'Nowhere Man'.. GREAt

Grandaddy doing 'Revolution'.. just okay.. kinda sucks.. maybe it'll grow on me.. don't think so.. fast forward

Nick Cave doing 'Let It Be'.. holy shit what a deep voice. Sounds like Sidney Poitier.. Good. Real Good.

Overall a must have album.


Dork with headphones.


i am sam soundtrack.


Wow, what a fucking great movie.


now you've got to listen to the soundtrack.


I'm sure it's great. Do I have to look like a dork if I want to listen to it?


well you can borrow it and take it home, but you might still look like a dork; just no one will see you.