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Janet Jackson Shows Tit,
Confusing Everyone

April 9, 2004 -- I offer up this opinion for anyone confused as to the whole Janet Jackson showing tit episode at the 38th Super Bowl, Feb 2, 2004. There are a lot of people not close to the situation, who live in other countries, or who didn't see the game or who really don't give a shit. The casual observer might get the mistaken impression that the episode has caused many a politician and media organization to get on their high horse and reexamine decency standards in broadcasting, and lambast artists for using profane or sexually explicit material.

All of that is true, some of it unfortunate, but let's get it straight from the start -- the only reason -- the only reason -- why the NFL and the top honchos at CBS, the company that broadcast the game, were thrown into a tizzie about the whole affair is not that Janet Jackson showed tit. They could give a rats ass if Janet Jackson showed tit. What CBS and the NFL were pissed off about was that Janet Jackson "hi-jacked the Superbowl" -- the very words that the top-honcho of CBS used. 

She was given an opportunity to ride the wave of the billion-dollar marketing Godzilla that is the Super Bowl to sell her next album, and instead grabbed the wave all for herself in a LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, Fuck the game, LOOK AT ME publicity stunt. 

In a normal or less-attended affair, like say the NHL playoffs, such a publicity stunt by Jackson would generate extra publicity that would cause under-the-cover glee by the organizers of the event.

But the Superbowl doesn't need any more attention. It's already become the biggest American national holiday -- companies might as well start giving workers off the Monday after. 

Oh no no no. Don't think we'll stoop to the lows of sexual depravity that CBS did to increase's traffic.

The game is a billion dollar industry by itself, a goliath rising bigger and bigger every year. And the NFL has already pushed the sex quotient to the limit in the NFL cheerleader sideline shows and half game celebrations and commercial spots. A stunt like Janet Jackson's is the only kind of thing that can start causing the party to start crashing down upon itself. Like a party drunk who gets so obnoxious that people start to leave. It pushes the Superbowl over the top of the bell curve.

But all of that's really not important. The organizers of the event (CBS and MTV aka Viacom, and the NFL) can claim the proper ignorance, raise the proper indignance, scold the proper parties, and invite Shania Twain back to next year's half-time event.

Reader Feedback

.. Another thing is the superbowl article. Tell me this, why would Janet do something like that to sell an album that was due more than 3 months later? It was obviously a something that went too far. Look at the after footage access hollywood, extra, and entertainment tonight has. You can see that Janet was very upset and crying. 


The sad part about the whole affair is the public backlash and extra ammunition it's given to groups like the FCC to start clamping down on freedom of speech in other areas of entertainment. The repercussions may be felt for years to come. And for this, Janet Jackson is no hero. Just a dumb, ego-driven twit who accidentally started the whole thing. She wasn't mandating her right to free speech; she was just trying to show tit and have everyone buy her next album.

But it was fun to see Justin Timberlake run from the whole affair, blaming Janet, and almost crying while apologizing on the Grammy's two days later. So maybe the whole thing worked out after all. Anybody remember the score of the game? Or who played?

-- LouV



Back in the old days, Janet could always find a helping hand to cover her breasts from public exposure.