February, 2005

The Grammy’s, Zeppelin, and Felatio

Look 'it, the Grammy's have awarded Led Zeppelin with a lifetime achievement award!

The Grammy’s can blow me.

Where was Zeppelin's grammy when they were coming out with their third album, or Stairway to Heaven, or Physical Graffitti? The grammy's were busy handing out awards to Captain and Tennille and Melissa Manchester.

So now comes the prototypical Grammy apology award; trying to make up for 35 years of having their collective heads up their rear end.

Lifetime Achievement Award my ass.

Jimmy Page

Getting Dicked Over

Who are the artists getting dicked over by today’s grammy's? Here’s my list:

Tori Amos
Aimee Mann
Chris Isaak
Mazzy Star (they were never nominated while they were around)
Bert Jansch (inside joke; not the fact that he hasn’t won a grammy, just an inside joke is all)
William Shatner (this year’s album)

Creaming Over Themselves

How does it come to pass that the Grammy's cream all over themselves for Nora Jones several years ago, but an original album like Nellie McKay’s gets completely passed over this year?

The 'Dicked over by the Grammy's' Game

I hereby present the 'Dicked Over by the Grammy's' game. Here’s how you play:

1. You think of an artist that for sure should have won a grammy.
2. You go up to
3. In the bottom right hand corner, type the name of said artist in the Grammy’s Search category. Please make sure you type in the name correctly.
4. Let us know how you did.

Postscript: I am currently looking for the best way to acquire a version of Maria Muldar's "Midnight at the Oasis" without having to buy a 'Shit music from the Seventies' collection or an apple iPod. I am Windows based. Please let me know if anyone has suggestions. Note: Maria Muldar did NOT win a grammy for "Midnight at the Oasis". I find that odd.

-- LouV

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