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Why Janet Jackson Sucks,
and Madonna's So Good

Let's get this straight from the start -- I'm not a Madonna fan. She's an ego-driven idiot, who has a mediocre voice, mediocre looks, mediocre dancing ability, and can't play an instrument. But let me also tell you this, everything Madonna's done, she's done it on her own. Janet Jackson on the other hand is the biggest fraud of all time, or at least of all the entertainers to make it mega-big-time in the last quarter century. She flat-out has zero talent. And just when you think her gravy train is about out of track, MTV honors her.

MTV is proclaiming Janet Jackson a music "icon". They are honoring her for her all-time contributions to the music industry. Which is exactly what? Riding the music-making machine that brother Michael built?

A Pure Accident of Birth

Michael was an original. He introduced dance moves and videos that turned the music industry on its heels. That same machine he put in place manufactured Janet Jackson into a star. They could have done it to any of the girls behind the counter at Blockbuster. Janet's fame is a pure accident of birth. They created the music for her, wrote the words for her, told her how to dance the numbers (after teaching her how to dance), used her body to sell her albums, and perfected the art of making her whisper on all of her songs so they could easily drown her voice out.

This last part used to gall me. A Janet Jackson album would come out, and she'd be on top of the charts, and you'd see her advertised everywhere, and then you'd hear one of her songs, all of her songs, and you couldn't hear her freakin' voice! She'd whisper through the song.. like an idiot.. completely drowned out. Dance music; give the band a hand but what did Janet Jackson have to do with it.

Paula Could Dance

Contrast this to a Paula Abdul, who, if you missed it, was a pretty big star at about the same time that Janet Jackson arrived on the scene in the late eighties. Paula also couldn't sing. She also had a music machine behind her writing her songs, filtering her voice out so it was acceptable. But Paula could Dance. She was an original. A choreographer. A former Laker (yes, LA Laker) girl who made it on her own. She choreographed other people's videos, then took a stab at making it herself. And at the end of the day, she bowed out, tipped her hat, and made it a career. Thanks Paula.

She Built Her Own Machine

Which brings us back to Madonna. Like Paula, she started with nothing. Playing drums at CBGB's in NY in the early eighties or some such thing. But she had charisma, she had energy, and she knew how to make a song that sounded good. Next thing you know she's a star. And yes, she used her sex like Janet did. And yes she desperately tried to be controversial. And yes, most of her music sucked and she had a big fat ego.  But I tell you, she built her own machine, and you've got to give her that. She's stayed on top. She made a video on Staten Island.

Reader Feedback

From reading your articles, I see that you have some type of hatred for Janet. The article about the reason Janet sucks, was so biased. You obviously did not do your research. Janet started a lot in the music industry. Look at Britney, christina, Jessica, Mya, the late Aaliyah, and many other entertainers out there and tell me that Janet has not inspired them. They are all carbon copies of Janet. In order for you to write an article as a journalist, you have to do your research.

Another thing is the superbowl article. Tell me this, why would Janet do something like that to sell an album that was due more than 3 months later? It was obviously a something that went too far. Look at the after footage access hollywood, extra, and entertainment tonight has. You can see that Janet was very upset and crying. Yet people think she meant to take it that far. It is sad to see America turning on a legend for 1 single stunt that went wrong after everything the legend has done for the world (many Charities and environmental work). Maybe it is a racial thing. It shows that Americans sees the bad in people.

-- Shawn Laney


My biggest beef against her has always been about a movie I didn't see -- her egotistical autobiography, wherein, I've heard, they filmed Kevin Costner visiting her after a performance, and after the guy wishes her well with a couple of 'golly gee, you were great's', she closes the door and tells somebody what a geek he is. Now that's rude. Trying to wreck someone's career on film. But you know what, Kevin Costner had it coming. Maybe he is a geek; actually, apparently he is a geek. And he didn't need Madonna's help to wreck his career on film. He did that by his own, il postino self.

Madonna has it coming too. It'll come someday. It comes to them all. Look at Barbara Streisand, Elton John.. they think they're on top, and the rest of the world laughs at them. 

But Madonna's not done yet. The cowboy album.. sounds pretty good. Might even buy it..

-- LouV


Reader Feedback

Hi I'm writing about the article entitled 'Why Janet Jackson Sucks, and Madonna's So Good'. All I have to say is Amen! Thank goodness there are still some people intelligent enough to think about the music they're listening to.

-- Unsigned

Yet More Reader Feedback

OK, all I have to say is who in the world wrote this stupid worthless article?? Obviously someone who has no life! Obviously there's some big hating going on here! Janet has accomplished many (things)! I agree that Michael set the trend but he set the trend for many artists!!! As well as Janet, we have so many people of this decade being inspired by Janet because she's a true legend. Janet doesn't have a funky attitude or ego like Madonna does! Off the record let's talk about the article on the Superbowl. I think I read something being mentioned about Janet did it to promote her album. First off, Janet has sold millions of records; why would she need to cause an uproar for her to sell! Janet has had sold out concerts wherever she goes. Millions of people watch her concerts when they air on HBO!! She's won every award that you can name. I mean the list goes on and on. What more could you want!!! Basically in conclusion, Janet is a legend and whoever thinks otherwise, there's seriously something wrong with them. The Jackson family period is a legend!!

-- Ebony
Capitol Heights, MD

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