"First Listen" Review

A "First Listen" review is done on the fly, writing the review as you listen to the album for the first time, in a stream of thought. The same theory as Beatnik poetry, or Paul Bryan's idea of writing a song in one go.

Sometimes the review is done just after listening to the album for the first time.

As far as reviews go, it means we are ruling out the possibility of the music 'growing' on us, which is a bit unfair to the artist.





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'First Listen' Review

William Shatner
Has Been

'First Listen' Review by LouV

What a GREAT album this is !

Shatner wrote down thoughts and stories on his life, and Ben Folds turned them into lyrics and music. Shatner's oration is distinctive and funny and sad and gripping. And the music is great.

Lot's of musical talent here.. Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, Adrian Belew (King Crimson) with background sounds, Aimee Mann, Matt Chamberlain, Henry Rollins, Jon Auer, Brad Paisley.


Favorite songs so far:

Common People, with Joe Jackson and Shatner dueting. GREAT song. Song of the year.

It Hasn't Happened Yet, Ben Folds and Shatner -- meloncholy, great lyrics, great song

You'll Have Time -- Shatner and Ben Folds; Joe Jackson on piano; Matt Chamberlain on drums (on most of the album)

That's Me Trying -- Shatner with Ben Folds and Aimee Mann; pretty music; sad song. How he blew off his daughters through the years.

What Have You Done -- Really really sad and moving song, on Shatner's wife who drowned.

Has Been -- Great song. Rips the critics. "What you say your name is? Jack. Never done jack."

Album of the year.
Song of the year.
Best lyrics too. Do they have an award for that?

Not the Grammy's but some other organization that gives out awards that mean something.

Who needs awards just buy the album..

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