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Why Art?

Everyone needs a home; every home needs art. Saw this ad on a billboard recently. Made perfect sense. Art for the home, art for the workplace. Art on In this section we examine art.   

What Art Thou Poetry?

Madeline Patti is the greatest poet of all time. Period. If you don't know who Madeline Patti is, she's a woman I went to college with in the early 1980's.  Madeline Patti was mostly known as being a first-rate piece of ass... [more

A Painting By  Frank Sinatra

Friend of mine bought a painting by Frank Sinatra at Christies on auction a couple of years ago. Only paid 600 bucks. Sounds like a really good deal. I mean who wouldn't want to hang an original picture by old blue eyes up in their house? I remember when Muhammed Ali, in his prime, after his big win over Foreman I think, or maybe a little later... [more

All I Need Is a Photograph...

I'm walking down the hallway of the Province Capital in Toronto, and looking at all of these portraits of former leaders… [more]

Originals and autographed copies of an on-the-rise New York artist. [Click on painting for hyperlink to site.]

  Graffiti Building in SoHo

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