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Acetaminophen = Compromised Liver

So nice to hear the truth spoken about this
awful substance. Nearly the same thing happened to me. I've been on acetaminophen/narcotic combinations for 18 years due to chronic back pain and they discouraged me from having a laparoscopic procedure done (inguinal hernia repair) due to the "increased risk of bleeding to death" but gave me the option to cancel or not. Scared the crap out of me. I said no and now have to deal with a compromised liver..

-- Stephen Bowen

Santa Cruz, California, USA

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Bobby Murcer and Graig Nettles

Wow, came across this blog by chance and it meant a great deal to me. I loved both Murcer and Nettles. I cried when my father told me Murcer got traded and Nettles is my all time favorite Yankee. Growing up in the 1970s was filled with both these guys. I have always hoped Nettles would get into the Hall.

-- William Krebs

Valhalla, NY, USA

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San Antonio

The horseshoe section of the San Antonio River (part of the Riverwalk) is actually the natural flow. The straight section cutting off the walk is a flood control canal.


-- Mike G

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Poison Ivy

I have been plagued with poison ivy every since I purchased my home 10 years ago. My first breakout was the worst because I was naive to poison ivy so therefore I ended up on steroids & I was so tired! It is extremely frustrating to have poison ivy growing in your yard in which you have to mow and maintain. After many breakouts, I have learned to wear long shirts and pants even in the highest of temps because it sure beats itchy like crazy! Thanks for the article!

-- Donna

Lawrenceville, GA

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Graig Nettles

Did you know that Graig Nettles is going to be the guest retired Yankee at the Mickey Mantle Classic in April (2012) which is held behind the high school Mickey went to in Commerce, OK? The Classic is a baseball tournament of high school teams where they use only wood bats. The bats come from Hoosier Bat Company in Valparaiso, Indiana. Many major league players have used the Hoosier wooden bats. Like Sammy Sosa in his home-run race against McGuire. Sammy hit #62-63 and 64 with it as I recall.


Graig will be on hand to meet fans and sign autographs plus he will be at the awards banquet on Saturday night. I know I will be going and you should check out the Classic on the Mickey Mantle Classic website at


-- Lance Burris

Plainfield, Indiana

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Martina Navratilova

Your claims about Martina are nonsensical and probably constitute libel. Tennis players emerge and or rise and fall dramatically in the rankings perpetually. Martina revolutionized women athletics with her vigorous, maniacal training regimen. Your clandestine agenda does her fine tennis legacy a disservice.

-- Monte Ulrich



Writer's Response: Seriously Monte? The comments most certainly do not constitute libel. I wonder what Martina's old girlfriend was referring to as Martina's "storage facility" of "secrets". Reference: "There are a lot of skeletons in Martina's closet,” Toni Layton told the NY Post Page Six gossip sheet. “It is more like a storage facility full of them, and I know them all.” 

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Poison Ivy

This article was extremely helpful!!! I moved to New Jersey this past August and had never encountered poison ivy before. I was outside for 1 day cleaning up and pulling weeds, etc.. Two days later I started to see a red patch of skin that developed into blisters then the annoying never ending itching. Within a couple of days it appeared at various places on my body (areas you would absolutely NOT want it)! It was on my face, arms, legs, stomach...I put Cortisone on it for a couple of days with NO relief. I finally wound up in the Emergency room where I was diagnosed with "Contact Dermatitis" from none other than Poison Ivy. It was so bad that they had to give me an injection of steroids and then I was on Prednisone for 10 days and that was awful! I thought I was being really cautious since then.


I printed out pictures as well off the internet and searched my yard. Two days ago I was doing yard work and there was an enormous vine that had taken over the back corner of the yard. I had no idea it was poison ivy or that it could grow into such a mass. Needless to say I now have a poison ivy rash on my face and neck.


What helped me the most from this article is the information on the hairy stems. I had never seen this before and it was all over the tree that the vine was wrapped around. So I knew immediately it was poison ivy. I now know what I need to do to get rid of it. (Not looking forward to that!) Thanks for your post!!


-- Michelle Francoeur


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Tylenol Kills

Excellent article on Tylenol. Dr. Tomas Szasz has been speaking on its dangers for nearly 2 decades. Not a surprise that more and more people are becoming ill!

-- Anita


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Ronan Tynan Responds









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Great article. But I will take it a step further and add that I am convinced that many star players have been and still are a part of the "fix."

I was initially convinced in 1984 when Magic Johnson in I believe game 5 or 6 threw a pass directly to a Celtic player (Dennis Johnson?) whereby, James Worthy stole the ball back and gave it to Magic who appeared to look disgustedly at Worthy and proceeded to immediately throw another pass directly to a Celtic player. I was incredulous! Indeed, basketball has never quite been the same for me since that moment.

I can tell story after story but over the years I have seen more and more star players participate. Kobe and Shaq in 2004 against Detroit stands out and this year Pau Gasol against Dallas.

I've seen it again and again. In fact I didn't even watch much of the playoffs this year after that and probably won't watch much of any basketball in the future since I believe college is even worse. At least Junior High and, perhaps, still High School (although I've seen a lot of referee cheating there for completely different reasons than money) - those levels are largely untainted. But good luck getting your opinion out there. You won't get much media since you would be killing the goose that lays golden eggs (and they stink! lol)..

Al Corney

Indianapolis, Indiana

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Poison Ivy

This is a great article. I'm curious if you've experienced any return of the menace? I'm on my second year in a new home, and my battle against poison ivy in the border around my patio. It infiltrated daylily plants; I dug those up and the poison ivy roots led me back to the patio -- they're growing out from under the concrete!

Any suggestions how to deal with this situation? I dug up all I could and left root stumps about 4-5 inches long (there were 5 that I found); plan to douse them with roundup every week all summer. Do you think that will work? Thanks so much for sharing your story and for any suggestions.


Lisa E


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Hot Dog

I remember the dot dog joint on Central Ave just North of Hutton St. The Texas Hot Wieners were wonderful! Living in the Midwest there are few if any places that can come close to these great dogs. I'd like to know if anyone has come up with the recipe for these.


Paul Kurtis

St Paul, MN

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Bobby Murcer

I loved this article! I thought Bobby Murcer was a class act as a player and a broadcaster! I have met many Yankees and ball players but I never met Bobby Murcer in person. I wish I would have met him! :( It was very sad to see him pass so young.


Jerry Grimes

Brooklyn, NY

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Poison Ivy

This article is very informative and I welcome it. Like the author I am fighting a war with the poison ivy and I have developed an allergy to the plant. Not only does it cause itching, it also causes rashes, and breathlessness. After reading this article I have concluded that my husband is also experiencing episodes of allergic reaction -- for a few weeks now he's started feeling weak and unwell after gardening close to the plant.

My next-door neighbour's yard is overrun by the poison ivy and now my garden fence is being infiltrated by it. Last year (2010) I tried diesel but now the poison ivy has returned with a vengance. I'll be trying some bleach.

Joan McDowall
Wellingborough, England

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Bangkok, Thailand

Quite helpful because I have been searching about travel through Thailand; thanks for update on this site.

Soluy Hansen

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I have been on this crusade for years . If you think about some of the guys that got in , and some rather easily like Ozzie Smith it can make you sick. Smith got in for his defense . Nettles is one of the greatest of all time fielding his position but put up superior stats to some of the guys already in. He belongs in and we need to do something about it. Nettles HOF ! What do we need to do to help ?

-- Mark Willey
Milford, Connecticut

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Murcer and Nettles

I loved your site. I grew up a Yankees fan in Virginia and loved Murcer and Nettles. Nettles clearly belongs in the Hall of Fame. I think his antics involving reporters over the years resulted in him not getting votes for the Hall of Fame. Hopefully, the veterans committee will correct this oversight.

-- Woody in Norfolk, VA

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Graig Nettles

As a kid growing up in central NJ I wore # 9 for one reason and one reason only: Graig Nettles. I idolized the man; the way he played the hot corner and handled pitchers was a thing of beauty; he was a magnet at the bag -- nothing got by him. So I wore # 9 and played 3rd base all through high school & my men's league. He should be in the Hall of Fame as much as anyone; case closed.

LP Smith
Bangor, Pennsylvania

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Freedom Tower

Although I clearly understand your enthusiasm at something, anything, being built there, I'm sorry Shep, I still think this Freedom Tower deal is a bunch of pussy-ass bullshit. They shoulda called it the "Freedom Cower" - now let's get my effin' Twin Towers back up already fer chrissakes!

The BoMan

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Graig Nettles

Graig is my favorite player of all time. He should be in the Hall of Fame without a doubt, and his number is not retired by the Yankees but for Roger Maris when it should be for both.


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Patti Smith and CBGB's in the 70's
I was also at CBGB's for that concert with some of my friends from art school and distinctly remember how Patti Smith struck me as uber talented.

-- Elizabeth Klein

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Pete Rose
Pete Rose should most definitely be in the Hall of Fame. He has broken the most coveted of all records. HITS. He has more than any other man, living or dead. Forget that he was my generation's hero on the diamond. He was Charlie Hustle. He showed millions of kids how the game should be played. He earned the name Charlie Hustle. Yes, Pete had to be punished for the crime he committed. Gambling. And punished he has been. It's time to let forgiveness take it's turn at the plate, and for Pete to enter the Hall of Fame. Should it become a vote for the people, then Pete would without a doubt enter the Hall immediately. The controversy should end. Pete has been punished. Now let Pete's record stand on it's own merit. Let Pete In.

Marcus Tilley
Channelview, Texas
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Red Sox
I think you and your stinkin' comments about the Red Sox are immature and completely childish. If you don't have anything decent to say, keep your comments to yourself.

Denny Nardillo
New York City, NY
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Poison Ivy
What a great story. At age 55 I got hit by poison ivy (for the first time) growing up the front of my brick house and spreading out. I was caught by surprise like you. You didn't mention how long it takes to recover from this. I will spare no expense on Roundup to nuke it incessantly. Unbelievable how poisonous something so innocent looking can be. Thanks,

Dennis Bernstein
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Graig Nettles

I like the article, and I really appreciated Greg Nettles! Man he played on the dream team with Reggie Jackson! To me regardless that was the best Yankee team ever! Yes, put Greg in the Hall of Fame -- Please do!!!!!

-- Monte Petersen
Greenwich, CT USA
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Bobby Murcer

Bobby Murcer was the reason I loved baseball so much. I lived in DC, but would visit Yankee Stadium with my grandfather (who lived in Manhattan). And in the early 70's, when I was between 10-14, nobody was better than Bobby Murcer.

And I remember being so annoyed when he barely lost out to Tony Oliva for the batting title.

RIP Bobby.

-- Andrew Kennedy
Washington DC, USA
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Jeremy Guthrie

I notice you're sponsoring his page on, with the following note:

One of the best young pitchers in the game. Swear to god. There are times when he looks really good. He lost 17 last year, but that's been done before by great young pitchers on bad teams -- Catfish Hunter, Gossage, etc. Guthrie will turn it around too.

I hate to break this to you, but  Guthrie will turn 31 on April 8th, so he isn't a young pitcher. Catfish Hunter was 21; Rich Gossage was 24 (and switching to starting for the first time in his pro career). His strikeout rate has been dropping like a rock (6.3 to 5.7 to 5.0), so the problem isn't mysterious-- he just isn't fooling people any longer.

This isn't the stupidest thing you guys have ever written -- the thing about why the Knicks are unappreciated wins -- but it's up there.

Woodrow L. Goode, IV
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Shanghai, China

Terrific article! The skyscrapers look strange, beautiful and menacing all at once, especially in that fog! Star Wars is right. I think a lot of Irish people have a similar feeling when they visit NYC for the first time -- we have no skyscrapers here. I remember rounding a corner to see St Patrick's Cathedral nestled among its massive new-world neighbours and I stood rooted to the spot looking up all round me.

I'd love to get to Shanghai one day. You seemed to cram a lot into your short stay there.

Ray Tomany
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Graig Nettles for the Hall

I understand your feelings about Graig Nettles and I think a better argument can be made that he is better than Bill Mazerowski who is in the Hall. Don't get me wrong, we loved Bobby Murcer (my wife's favorite player ever) and think he was not only an outstanding ball player but a terrific human being.  However, Bobby doesn't merit consideration for the Hall of Fame and was not better than Tony Perez.  Don Mattingly's #s are very much similar to Kirby Puckett's and he and Thurman deserve consideration.

Chuck and Randi McGivney
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American Canoo Alliance Controversy
As a newcomer to your site and a former Tufftown resident, I am pleased with the content I've perused thus far.  As a longtime friend/nemesis of one Dick Acorn, I have enjoyed a sense of nostalgia on this, my first virtual visit with The Ignorant Traveler.  My only problem (so far) is with Dick's piece on the founding of the American Canoo Alliance (ACA). The last line of paragraph five mentions a "frosty mug of vodka" as if that frosty mug of vodka, or FMOV as I lovingly term them, is an everyday ordinary libation, as casually ordered and imbibed as a short beer or a Harvey Wallbanger might be.  Not so!  As memory tends towards the fuzzy, I am relying on Dick's sense of propriety (not to mention his adherence to the ACA's Moral Coda) and ask whether he remembers being present when the term was coined.  I am only certain of the fact that I came up with the moniker for the Holy Grail of alcoholic beverages in the presence the dear departed JT Burner, God rest his fun lovin' soul.

If Dick was there, I want credit for coming up with the idea of the ultimate refresher, the glistening, frozen delight that is the FMOV.  If he wasn't then, alas, Jimbo may have been my only witness.  The FMOV is the only, I say ONLY drink that has the ability, nay the allure, to bring me out of my self-imposed drinking retirement.  I imparted as much to Mr. Turner, and I now remember that Mr. Acorn was indeed there, pestering me about whether I would never again have "not even just ONE beer, man" with my old pals.  My answer was that he'd need to stick around all night and most of the next day and continue feeding me drinks until I was no longer capable of even the simplest of motor functions.

That's just how The Bo-Man drinks, baby.  After pondering such a debaucherously wonderful spree, I determined that the most effective way to ensure such a spiritual jaunt, would obviously begin and end at the altar of the fabled FMOV.  Clear. Cold. High Octane.  God's gift to the reticent relapser.  Actually, it was a no-brainer.  For better or worse though, I've yet to swill one o' them bad boys myself -- but it's a comfort to know that when I'm ready they're just waiting there for me like an old friend.  An old friend who likes to punch you in the head every now and then, but like I said, that's just me.

Hey, I also plan to visit frequently so get some new stuff up pronto, Laresch. 

Thomas P. Drennan
(aka the Eggless Boodles Bay Bo-Man)

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Boston Sucks Again
I went yesterday and they were not enforcing that rule at the new stadium; it was all over 8/8/09.

-- Jules
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The Wheelman
Great article on "THE WHEELMAN" AND Sacred Heart Church. Fantastic pictures. When I read what Dick wrote I started crying. A once great area now a war zone. Than You Dick and God Bless.

William "TheWheelMan" Badashaw
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On the Delaware
I do believe there is a person named Phil Laresch that might be related to Dick Laresch. Also with regard to that Canoo Alliance article in the Ignorant Traveler, there was a place along the Delaware River that was named by a gentleman Phil Laresch, "Boodles Bay". I remember it well; it was either the Summer of 1980 or 1981! I was there! I remember BO-MAN (TOM DRENNAN) trying to start a fire along the Delaware River, so he could cook some eggs, and suddenly The BEAR who was sitting on the tree log inbibing suddenly got up and grabbed the pan with the eggs and threw them in the Delaware River, and said lets go to Mickie D's! (BO-MAN could not cook the eggs). This comment is for Dick Sheppard. Also remember that map of Vietnam you left on the wall at the Sheraton in Hasbrouck Heights Super Bowl Sunday (January 1981)? 

Guess Who?
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Poison Ivy

Great article on Poison Ivy.  Although I don't think I have any on my property it's great to get a little heads up info & keep my eyes open.  I caught what I think was poison sumac a couple years ago & ever since I'm leery of potentially poisonous vines.


Dave Di Pietro
Cortland, NY

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Editor's Note: Thanks for reading the story and your feedback, Dave. We tried to email you back at your personal email address, but it bounced back due probably to a typo. Having spent a summer in Cortland NY in the eighties, I can attest to what a beautiful area of NY State it is. 


John Lennon

Great job on a great, memorable life moment. Even after all these years, we remember life's moments.

-- Brad Hopshaw
Dayton, Oh.

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NFL Skating Strumps -- All True

This is all the truth.  No announcer ever says so, but the young women who are skating are partly there for their beauty.  In couples skating, the men wear long pants, and the women wear short skirts and tights.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it is a fact that I have never seen pointed out before.  Obviously, these young women have to be very skilled; but much of their performance is based on the female beauty that they add to the contest.

-- Garold W. Newton
Gering, Nebraska   

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Calling Graig Nettles

My name is Charles P. Nettles and I can remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that we had a cousin that played M.L.B. I asked him 'well, who is he' and my dad said Graig Nettles. I might have responded something like 'well I would like to meet him at a family reunion'. My dad said that he didn't know where he was. Graig looks like one of my grandfather's brothers. I would like to find out
what side of the Nettles he is from? My dad was a vet in St.Tammany Parish for 28 years and was born in McComb, Ms. and his uncles where from Auburn, Ms. and Summit, Ms. plus all over the state of Mississippi. If you know who John "Webb" Nettles is or Dr. C.P. Nettles D.V.M. please email me [see editor's note]. I would like to hear from you so if you are not too busy please drop me a line or two

-- Charles Nettles
Folsom, Louisiana

Editor's Note: We have published this letter so that, in the event Graig Nettles reads it, he can get in contact with Charles. We do not post email addresses on this board, but if Graig Nettles would like to contact Charles, we will facilitate through the Contact Us form.

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-- Kenny Naughton
Northport, New York

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More Murcer


-- LARRY G./ L.B., N.Y.
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Graig Nettles and the Hall of Fame

Great article.  I came across your website after Googling "Nettles hall of fame."  I was talking about this at work yesterday.  Nettles absolutely deserves to be there.  Why is defense always overlooked?  It bothers me that Reggie Jackson, a one-dimensional player, was a shoe-in and Nettles always gets overlooked.  (Jackson was a great HR hitter, but was a defensive liability.)  Ask any player or coach from the 70's Yankees who they would rather have on their team (Nettles and Jackson), I bet 100% would pick Graig.

Frank Notaro
Metuchen, NJ

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Pete Rose

Pete Rose should be allowed into the HOF as a player, not as a manager.  With all his faults, he is still one of the greatest men to ever play the game.

Many other members of the HOF have backgrounds that leave a great deal to be desired but they were considered for their actions on the field, not off. 

There are many members of the HOF who are less deserving of the recognition and cannot match the accomplishments of Pete Rose.

Charlie Hustle should be voted in.

-- Unsigned
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You guys are looney! It looks like I have a fan for life w/ Rich! He's so cute the way he adores me. Tell him I appreciate his words (when they are not gross, like he sometimes can be).

-- Winkie

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"Marines in the Garden of Eden"

Richard Sheppard,

Thank you for taking the time to review my book. Your words are greatly appreciated.

Richard S. Lowry
"Marines in the Garden of Eden"

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Great website. Just got the chance to visit and read the articles. You are one great writer!! I'm sure Sr. Patricia Mayer and Sr. Patricia Maureen would be so proud!! LOL 

-- (Your former classmate) Pinklady 
Class of 74 

Bobby Murcer

Clicked on to see how he is doing; your site came up..

Anyone who watched the Yankees knows Murcer and Nettles should be in the Hall of Fame!!!!!! Bless both of them as they blessed us as Yanks!!!!

-- J George
Rome, NY

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Cars and Acorn

I am glad to see the site is still around, it's your limey pal Satchmo. Sorry it has been a million years and beers since I last contacted.  I love the classic cars feature. I also wanted us in blighty to re-do the 50's gas guzzlers (Plymouth Fury a must). For me though it has to be either the 1949 Cadillac or the 1929 Dusenberg. Trying to talk the Mrs. into buying a PT Cruiser; she's not convinced. We should ship you guys over some London taxis.

-- Satchmo
Limey-upperlip, Blighty

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Gas Explosion

Please tell the guy who almost blew up his house that I did blow up my house. I have a disorder which prevents me from sniffing odors, and there was a gas leak. I needed to do some light soddering under the bathroom sink and sparked the gas. The bathtub miraculously landing on top of me prevented me from being crushed under the debris. Fortunately I had good insurance. I now live in a warm climate year-round and leave the windows open.

-- Chas Berkowitz

Panama City, Panama

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Mariah Carey

As a HUGE fan of Maria Carey, it disheartens me considerably that someone would be so MEAN and VICIOUS to attack this beautiful woman in distress. This is an outrage and I take offense and request that you remove that offensive attack on Ms. Carey from your website. Thank you. She has touched so many people's lives with her beautiful songs, charity works, and wholesome good looks and lifestyle.

-- Cleon Jackson

South Plainfield, NJ

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More on Mariah..


As I absolutely love your writing (you should always keep it up). I do agree that women are nutso at some times, but I NEVER considered myself TYPICAL!

I think women (on the whole) are ANYTHING but typical. What about us is typical in your mind? I really want to know. I'm curious. Love, The unofficial "Winkie".

-- Winkie

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System of a Down

i think system of a down is very talented and that your views are completely off topic. there are many singers now days who sing about a lot of worse things then they do (Marylin Manson) so i think you just need to shut up or wake up!

-- Unsigned

Editor's Reply:

For the record, the article was attempting to shine a very positive light on System of a Down. Not sure what the beef with Marilyn Manson is. 

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No One Pays Attention

Who is this nutcase "Dick Acorn?" What right does he have to slander such beautiful women as Winona Ryder and Anne Heche? He should grow up and stop using so much profanity. No one pays attention to profanity, especially grownups.

-- Terence Baber

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A Real Cutie..

The person named Dick Acorn who writes on your site is cute. Please let him know he has an admirer in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Torminking, Idaho.

-- Gisella Farthing-Hopkinsville Torminking, ID

What, Why, Where?

If someone could please explain to me what is the purpose of your website? It seems a haphazard collection of childish scribblings and assorted nonsensical and really bad writing.

-- Faloolah Faheed Atari


You should consider nudity for your site. It seems to increase traffic. Since there is so much cursing and bad language on your page, nudity would seem a natural addition. Please keep me informed when you plan this.

Christiano Jésus, Torpada, Mexico

Editor's Note:

Sorry Christiano, we have no plans to introduce nudity or make this an x rated site. But thanks. 


great the 2nd amendment stuff.

-- Annonymous

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Still More Janet Jackson

Hi I'm writing about the article entitled 'Why Janet Jackson Sucks, and Madonna's So Good'. All I have to say is Amen! Thank goodness there are still some people intelligent enough to think about the music they're listening to.

-- Unsigned

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Even More Janet Jackson

From reading your articles, I see that you have some type of hatred for Janet. The article about the reason Janet sucks, was so biased. You obviously did not do your research. Janet started a lot in the music industry. Look at Britney, christina, Jessica, Mya, the late Aaliyah, and many other entertainers out there and tell me that Janet has not inspired them. They are all carbon copies of Janet. In order for you to write an article as a journalist, you have to do your research.

Another thing is the superbowl article. Tell me this, why would Janet do something like that to sell an album that was due more than 3 months later? It was obviously a something that went too far. Look at the after footage access hollywood, extra, and entertainment tonight has. You can see that Janet was very upset and crying. Yet people think she meant to take it that far. It is sad to see America turning on a legend for 1 single stunt that went wrong after everything the legend has done for the world (many Charities and environmental work). Maybe it is a racial thing. It shows that Americans sees the bad in people.

-- Shawn Laney

More Janet Jackson

OK, all I have to say is who in the world wrote this stupid worthless article?? Obviously someone who has no life! Obviously there's some big hating going on here! Janet has accomplished many (things)! I agree that Michael set the trend but he set the trend for many artists!!! As well as Janet, we have so many people of this decade being inspired by Janet because she's a true legend. Janet doesn't have a funky attitude or ego like Madonna does! Off the record let's talk about the article on the Superbowl. I think I read something being mentioned about Janet did it to promote her album. First off, Janet has sold millions of records; why would she need to cause an uproar for her to sell! Janet has had sold out concerts wherever she goes. Millions of people watch her concerts when they air on HBO!! She's won every award that you can name. I mean the list goes on and on. What more could you want!!! Basically in conclusion, Janet is a legend and whoever thinks otherwise, there's seriously something wrong with them. The Jackson family period is a legend!!

-- Ebony
Capitol Heights, MD

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Janet Jackson

The person writing the article about Miss Janet is trying to get people to buy your stupid article or you are trying to do something else that is related to money. Look you are really unintelligent, you know that? Have you heard the saying " If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all"? Cause once you open your mouth and say stupid things that's when you get your feelings hurt. YOU are probably mad cause Janet didn't have time to come to one of your meetings, or she didn't give you free tickets, or maybe she didn't let you have sex with her. Whateva the deal you should get over it cause. Your article had nothing to do with FACTS just how you felt. And have you ever thought about this... at the end of all trash talk about this woman she still is making millions and still going home to a nice BIG house. Then you on the other hand is still going home to an apartment. Talking about Janet is not going to make you richer. And the same goes for Madonna. Don 't be a hater all your life. Cause haters never prosper.

Marshaya (JJ's fan)
Little Rock, 
(don't contact me I'll contact you TRUST!)

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This Is the Land of the Free, 
Is It Not?..

Well done Dick,

To all the whiners who complain,

I was led to believe that your great nation is the land of the free, remember the right to free assembly?. As for Mariah (Pariah if you ask me) Carey. I heard over here in Blighty that one of her fans is really moved to tears about her plight. I would just like to know what does the other one think?. All this celebrity angst really fecks me off. Oh dear I'm down to my last 60 squillion dollars, well boo bloody hoo. Get a grip you poodle pampering squeelers. Try getting up a 5.45 to do a crap job. If you're going to shed tears do it for the waitresses, waste management and other minimum wagers who are the real people of the world.

You are also right about classic cars. I have been saying that we should have a revival too. The Crysler is becoming more popular over here in England. I have a '66 Land Rover. It would bust a hole in a dam and I love it. Bring back the Plymouth Fury. Even the Edsel is better than some of the plastic shite I see cringing their miserable way down the highways and byways. More Chrome, more fins, huge steering wheels and white trim tyres. A pox on the crappy little Geography teacher cars that have no shape, no style and no groove. Why spend thousands of dollars on a car that makes you look like a social worker?. Could you really see Steve Mc Queen or Lee Marvin driving around in the globule crap we have now.

Keep New Jersey Cool,

 -- Agent Satchmo (Chris Farrelly)
Port Sunlight

34 is 34

First thing I thought of when you wrote: "Name a hitter" I immediately thought: Paul Molitor. I know it's just one hitter, but the thought was immediate. Of course.... I'm a Brewer fan anyhow.

-- Robert
 Milwaukee , WI

Editor's Response: Yes, you are right. Molitor did very well after age 34. Looks like he's an exception. 

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More Jeter

Oh please...DJ is NOT the best shortstop in the game.  Sure he has a fistful of jewelry, but he makes a LOT of errors.

-- Annonymous

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Editor's Response:

Derek Jeter has only made between 13-15 errors in each of the last five seasons, a very low number for a shortstop who plays everyday and has so many chances (and great range). The year 2000 was not a good year for him (24 errors), but he's been remarkable the last 5 years. And the baseball people are noticing that, rewarding him with two consecutive gold gloves.

Cap'n Intangibles

Saw your sponsorship of Cap'n Intangibles.

Thought I would like to share some FACTS with you. (see below)

-- Lazzaro  

regarding SEPT 30 : 

"Derek Jeter, who had homered in his previous at-bat, came to the plate with two outs in the ninth as the potential tying run, but grounded out to end the game. It marked the 11th time this season that the Yankees had lost a game in which Jeter made the last out with the potential tying run either on base or at bat. That's the highest such total for any player in the majors."

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Editor's Response: 

Thanks for the feedback Lazzaro, 

I feel that that's a fairly meaningless statistic that you mention, part of the problem with the Bill-James-obsessed baseball audience of today. Jeter is a leadoff batter; he's amongst the league leaders in at bats. So it would be natural for him to come up in any situation as much or more than any other player in the league. I bet you if you looked up the league leader in coming to the plate in the seventh inning with no one on, Jeter might be amongst the league leaders too. 

Look at the batting average, the on base average, the defense, the baserunning, the leadership. That's what's important. Jeter is a clutch hitter; I know that because I've seen him come up clutch through the years, time after time. David Ortiz is a clutch hitter. Gary Sheffield is a clutch hitter. ARod is not; he's got a hole in his swing; strikes out too much, and ends up popping up or striking out a lot of time in clutch situations. Bobby Murcer was a clutch hitter; Bobby Bonds was not. Usually guys who put the bat on the ball are clutch hitters.  

Did you catch Jeter's homerun last night? Got the Yanks back in the game, but that isn't factored into the statistic you mention above. 

Andie MacDowell

What's the story with the Andie MacDowell (the actress) worship? Is this guy Louv getting money to give this b-level actress high props? I like the other stuff on the site, the slander and insults, I'm not too excited reading about light-hearted romantic comedies. Otherwise, thanks, 

-- Robbie Bectrolia
Newark, Delaware

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Up Against the Wall in Jersey City


Great piece on Chief Comey. One that I'm sure will endear you to the Jersey City Police force. Not to say that fine fellowship of civil servants would ever look to harass someone for speaking the truth. As a lifetime resident you know better than anyone the political graft & B.S. of J.C. Most just take it in stride, chuckling in amusement at yet another typical abuse. Thanks for charging the windmill & caring enough to scream a little bit about it.

Up against the Wall !

Yours Truly, 

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Bobby Murcer

Great website. There are more Murcer fans than people realize. He was my boyhood hero, and off the field, a class act. 

-- Super Tizzy

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Bobby Murcer

After The Mick limped off into the sunset in March of '69, Bobby Ray became my ( and my buddy Chuck's) center of affection on River Ave. The Yanks couldn't draw flies in the early 70's, but we were there 35-50 games a year as teenagers.

In those days, players were still accessible and still working class heroes. I hung out many a time after another Yankee loss watching Rusty Torres drive out of the players lot in has jacked up Plymouth or "Rocky" Swoboda tool away in his beat up white VW Beetle. 

Yet it was Murcer, although an All-Star and true star nationally, who always had time to talk to us and give out an autograph (not for E-Bay purposes, but as a prized FAN possession). I was there against the Rangers when he hit for the cycle the first game of a doubleheader, and a single and a homer in the nightcap, and when he hit 3 homers against KC. I witnessed him swing and miss pitifully against his nemisis, lefty Norm Angelini. When I was given a game-used bat in '74 (complete with pinetar) he graciously signed it and is my most prized Yankee artifact. At this moment waiting for news on his neurosurgery, we can only hope that Bobby has a full recovery allowing us to continue to acknowledge his genuine humanity as a person, not secondary to the wonderful memories he has provided to millions of Yankee fans over the decades.

-- David Zimmerman
Huntington, NY

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That's .. Us..

This is the best humor site on the net bar none. 

Pretending to be an ignorant blow hard idiot is pure genius. Laughs all the way. 

Thanks man. Peace. 

-- Unsigned

NY Knicks

Good call on "Why the Knicks Suck."  Now that Larry Brown is gone, and the Knicks STILL really suck, how do you feel about your proclamations  now?  You couldn't have been more incorrect if you tried, numbnutz.

Joe Brown
New York, NY

Writer's Response: Don't give up on this year's team yet, Joe. They've got youth, talent, athleticism, and energy. A far cry from Stu Laden days. I think it's going to be a good year; enjoy the ride. PS: Joe were you one of the fans booing Thomas for picking Renaldo Balkman?

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Why the Knicks Suck]

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NY Knicks -- Worst Article of 2007


-- douche bag, NYC, NY

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More NY Knicks -- Worst Article of 2007

That Knicks article, about how they don't suck, dude. I'm guessing that it was written facetiously, but if not, then please let me know who your dealer is, because you'd need some serious drugs to think that I SAY UGH or that assclown Dolan have done anything but driven a once-proud franchise into an international laughingstock and piece-of-shit team.

-- Humanity, Anytown, USA

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Graig Nettles

I grew up a Graig Nettles fan. To me there was no one better. He was a hard ass. Tough for fans to get to. Even myself as a fan of 10 years old. I finally got him to sign my copy of Balls just 3 years ago. I was so happy I could not even speak to him. My greatest Yankee ever. I am now 40. What a glove.

-- Tim Brown

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Janet Jackson "Feedback"

Janet, we can go on and on..ok, I used to love Janet back in the day, her stuff used to be so good when she was with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in the early days. Velvet Rope and all the music to follow, except for ALL FOR YOU (single) sucks big time. Now I USED to be a die hard for Janet. I would love to be still, I am not a hater, just disappointed her music style changed from what was working for her back in the day. Her barely audible voice is weak, but with the right production can sound good. I just don't understand with Jermaine Dupri as her man, Jimmy Jam Terry Lewis I am sure produces some stuff. Still..why the hell it has not been better creativity in her camp to give her the sound that made her famous.

Maybe it's that Janet is no longer a girl, she is a women and part of her charm was her innocent like charm, her cute high cheekbones and sweet persona. Now, she tries too hard to show her body too much, puts out records nobody really wants to hear over and over and that to die for smile with those pearly teeth? Fake. I used to love that about her, but after seeing so many interviews on her and documentary stuff, her personality is kinda a bitch and that plastic smile, well it's plastic. She is pretty though with make up and stuff.

Baby Girl, do all your diehard fans a treat and get some producers who can recapture what made everyone love you back in the day.

-- Kitty Kat
Chicago, Illinois

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Oldsmobile and Bobby Murcer

I ran across your site while looking for Bobby Murcer info. Great site! Enjoyed "Willie" and being on the fence!

I specially enjoyed the Oldsmobile article as the marquee has many fond memories for me. The first car I drove was a '48 Olds convert with three on the tree. I took my driver's test with a '56 and the first car I ever got it on with a fem was in (ample interior room) an Olds.

Oh yeah....the Bobby Murcer and Graig Nettles stuff was good too. Remember when he cut his hand doing some gardening? Martin (?) told him he made enough to hire a landscaper!

-- JZ
Longwood, FL (lifelong NYer)

More Janet Jackson

YOUR a Moron you took the time to make this page! Hopefully all this negative energy your sending out into the world will come back to F*ck you up you ass and you can grow old alone! Can you dance or sing or play an intrument or learn Choreography and perform a TWO HOUR SHOW I didnt think so.! Dont hate poeple cuz they are living the life you wish you had while instead your sitting somewhere making web pages like this. Your a loser! Madonna and janet are doing something with themsleves and pursuing their destiny's. What are you doing? Talking about how you hate them for it? That was so HAte-Filled what you wrote! Take a look in the mirror i'm sure all that Hate you wrote just made you look that much older.

-- Unkown User You dont need to know!

Writer's Response:

Dear Unknown User, I haven't taken any dance lessons but I'm pretty sure I'm as industrious with my life as Janet Jackson is, and just about anyone can sing as good as her. And that's the point -- there are thousands of musical artists out there (I'm not one of them) with more talent and better creativity, who remain unknown while the music industry creates a machine to promote this woman with zero voice and rehearsed dancing talent, only because she was born into connections. It's a big part of what has always been wrong with the music industry, and eventually, the house of cards falls down upon itself no matter how hard they try to prop up this vacuous star known as Janet Jackson.

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Patrick Ewing

Ewing was a great player! Had the Knicks management been able to plug in other key players to play with Ewing and Oakley, they would have possibly won a championship! I believe that Patrick Ewing nor Dominique Wilkins never received the credit that they deserved! Just imagine putting those two together in their prime!!

-- Kyle Clark
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Bobby Ray Murcer

Bobby Ray Murcer -- RIP

You made me realize I had a heart when I was 4 -- What a crush I had on you -- Dad had me watching the Yankees since I can barely remember -- You were the reason I kept watching -- Your record speaks for itself -- So whether they decide to put you in their Hall of Fame or not -- You will be in the Hall of Hearts for thousands to cherish -- Thank you Bobby Ray Murcer for filling my life with true All American Ideals. My deepest repects for your families loss and finally.


There, enough said

A female fan since 1969

-- Tami Palladino
Brooklyn, NY

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