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September 2010

SoHo Grand Hotel, NYC

Reprinted from original review provided on Yelp

By Shep D

To brashly confess the un-affordability of an overnight experience. One can surmise the costly rooms are suitably restful. Working on nearby Grand Street, curiosity encouraged a lunch-time "walk-around" appraisal of the free public spaces, which in many instances are also quite nice.

(1) Main entrance lobby: Hushed and murmurously purposeful airy/voluminous spot. The numerous staff gives you the once over and if your shirt's tucked and shoes laced, "you're in." So what if you're luggin' a brown-bag 22oz Heineken as luggage. "Where are the restrooms?" inquiry conjures a helpful pointing staffer graciously directing.

(2) Bathrooms: expectedly sleek with stylish no-knob magic faucets. Unacceptably chintzy hand-towels.

(3) Mezzanine Library: Super-great comfy-furniture zone one of those nifty NYC hideouts you and maybe a kissing pal could be the only fun folks in there.

(4) 7th floor outdoor-setback pool-bar: Okay; the pool seems like a fountain.

(5) Room-floor Hallways: sleek but the veneers and treatments seem chintzy; not stolid/quality.

(6) Elevator Lobby: Too narrow, big traffic jams, the consequence of compromised building proportions that compelled saving space in the wrong, much-trafficked place.

Would Shep stay if he could afford to pay? Maybe-to-probably. Enjoy!!

Dear Shep D., 

I am glad you were able to check out the hotel facilities. We hope you will enjoy a drink in Kastel in the future. 

Kind regards, 
David Chase, General Manager


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