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For My Posting Friend

The Wheelman

This guy pops up suddenly on a board I post on,, the Jersey City forum. Guy pops up, calling himself "The Wheelman." Crazy capital letter posting, finding his way on a web forum. Blowing bubbles in a Bully Pulpit, okay "PAL?" Some love the guy and recognize someone having fun, others think he overposts, that's their issue as it's a free board. Turns out The Wheelman's a retired, old-time, old-school Jersey City motorcycle cop. That's what they call themselves, "wheelmen." The Wheelman gets a computer and viola, he's found an outlet that never existed before, and off he goes. He is a Greenville guy, the Jersey City forum skews to G'ville posters, from this perspective (Heights guy), they're worthy co-residents of Tufftown, JC. The Wheelman doesn't get around too good, but when he does, he does some good. He caretakes a little for his lovely old parish on Martin Luther King Drive (formerly Jackson Avenue), a block in the tuffest part of Tufftown JC. Even though The Wheelman can no longer pray in his now-closed church, he offers his hopes to God in the parking lot, while keeping an eye out for his beloved house of worship. The Wheelman's simple devotion to his beautiful Sacred Heart church inspires devotional journeys, whither these roads take us; it's a worthy journey with a guaranteed happy ending. The Wheelman says it's so, and he's a worthy and devout guy worth heeding.

Sacred Heart from across Martin Luther King Drive

Please note: the photos included with this item will be replaced with better quality photos when the photographer figures out how to take these kinds of dusk/evening pictures correctly. He wanted to post these even though they were taken under time constraints with the wrong camera setting.

Sacred Heart coming up the Drive

Sacred Heart's Magnificent Steeple