Checked a few movies out of the library, Harlem Nights with Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. Also, Cruisin' with Al Pacino as a cop going undercover in NY's hardcore homoerotic clubs. Some of the dialogue and scenes in this movie are hysterical, and not played for camp. Al Pacino is not a convincing 'mo, but it is a mildly entertaining movie. Between this movie and the Forbes biography, I better de-program myself from all the puffery I've been absorbing of late.

At the end of the Pacino movie, it was an open question whether the previously manly Al had gone "native 'mo" due to his exposure to the seamy underworld of the butt trade.

Red Bandana In Your Rear Pocket..

One funny scene is Al in a Village leather shop, and he's asking the store clerk about what the different colored bandanas indicate. I don't remember exactly, it went something like if you wear a red bandana in your right rear pocket, you take it in the keester, in the left, you're packing fudge.


Yellow in right or left was giving or receiving golden showers, and blue some oral connotations. On getting this info, Al scrammed from the store pronto, and then inadvertently he's walking in Central Park with a red bandana in his pocket and some cruisin ladybird wanted to buttfuck him. You can't make this stuff up.


-- Rich Sheppard


Inside Story of the Filming

Dear Rich,

Was riding the elevator down with Marian yesterday. I mentioned to her that Al Pacino was in the city again. His house burned down in upstate NY so he and his 'wife' Beverly D'Angelo have an apt in the city. And Marian told me her Al Pacino story...

Turns out in the movie Cruisin' was filmed in her apartment! It was back in 1978; Marian said she remembers that there were flyers all around the village asking for an apartment because they wanted to film on location. The director, who had directed The Exorcist, had had a couple of bombs and wanted to go on location to make it real. Marian's applied and they picked her place out.. they liked the layout. She figured maybe they'd do up her apartment and she'd be the better off for it, but it didn't work out that way...

They moved most of her furniture out except for a few things, like the TV that you see him watching in the movie -- that's hers, although she's not sure if that was one of the four TV's that have been stolen from her apt in numerous robberies. And when he walks over to his friend's apartment, you see her furniture in there. Also that was her bed he was sitting on, etc.

She had to move out for two weeks. Friends of hers would call her on the phone and some member of the film crew would pick up, say 'she's not here', and slam the phone down. Her friends thought she was having an affair with a gay guy. After they finished filming, they left, and they'd promised to paint the rooms after leaving. But they said all their workers were in the union so she should go out and hire a painter and bill them. She said no way, so the director got one of his friends, a dancer, to come in and paint her apartment. It took a number of weeks, every day she'd come home and "another piece of wall was painted (but he was very neat)".

Then came the obscene phone calls, death threats, and bomb threats. The gay community was so outraged at the movie, that they were all protesting it. And of course the film crew was mostly gay, and they hated the movie they were making. They knew her phone number since they were using her phone, so the number got out, and for a year later, Marian kept getting the phone calls.

One day came the call "There's a bomb". She called 911 and they "sent Starsky and Hutch over". They asked her how long she'd been getting these 'bomb' threats (figuring she was a whack), then she told them about the picture, and they said "oh, now it all makes sense", and told her to be careful.

-- LouV