Just the Ticket


Just the Ticket is one of those 'sleeper' romantic comedies that never get the recognition they deserve, from day one out of the box, when they hardly get promoted by the movie company, and thus fail at the box office. These movies sometimes achieve a following in DVD rentals and reruns on TV, and sometimes, like Just the Ticket and Love and Sex, they slide through even that and arrive at movie death -- not available for renting by Blockbuster or purchase at Best Buy. They fall off the face of the earth.

Very similar in tenor to Who's Got Mail and Green Card, which have become American romantic-comedy classics, Just the Ticket features the adorable Andie MacDowell (as do so many of the fun romantic comedies of the last 15 years -- Green Card, Multiplicity, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Groundhog Day), and Andy Garcia.


Garcia plays a ticket scalper who lives on the street; he's been on the street since he was a kid; never had a job and doesn't even have a social security card. There's no record of his existence; but he's the top ticket scalper in town. A new scalper comes to town and usurps his power and puts a hit on his intake. MacDowell plays an aspiring chef, lots of ambition but lots of failures and disappointments. They fall in love. She finally rejects him because he refuses to commit to her and a real life and job. All she wants him to do is get a social security card. His plan is to make one final score, for Pope tickets at Madison Square Garden, and then leave the racket. Instead MacDowell leaves him, and town, off to chef school and a career opportunity.


And at that point.. I fell asleep. Two o'clock in the morning at some hotel I was at in some city. I need to buy this movie to see the ending. Not as good as Green Card or Who's Got Mail, it is still an enjoyable cute romantic comedy. And its got Andie MacDowell and Andy Garcia. How could you go wrong?


-- LouV