A play in two acts by Dick Acorn

NB asked me to fill him in on my new job. I wrote a little play for him. The Howard (HF) referred to below is the VP of Sales and he's a real dick, and Willie is the friendly but irascible COO, one of my other bosses. Willie gets sloshed at company/client parties and can't talk and falls off barstools. No kidding. For some reason, the guy adores me and this is good. Gloria is the purchasing clerk.

Al wanted to know what was going on with an upcoming Agfa and APT Sales  meeting and he asked me to ask Howard for information.


Act I - Dick's cubicle early am

Me: Good morning Howard, do you have a second?

HF: Sure, what's up?

Me: Al asked if you could give him some information about the Agfa Sales meeting.

HF: You tell Al not too worry about it, I got it covered  (Sarcastically): Ask him if he wants to be the head of Sales, too.

Me: Okay. (finishing the statement to myself), "asshole".


Act II - Al's Office late afternoon

Me: Howard said that you don't have to worry about the Agfa/Sales meeting.

Al: (frowning): Hmmm. All I wanted was an agenda or something.

Me: I'll go back and get one for you.

Al: (still frowning): Hmmm.

Me: (sensing he needs more info): Well, Howard actually went a little beyond saying don't worry about it, he made a remark about wondering if you wanted to run the Sales department.

Al (darkening): He did?

Me: Well, he said don't worry in effect, and then added that. Can I do something?

Al (resolved and grim): No, I'll handle it.