Movies to Own's Running List

How silly is it to have a list of top movies to own. Of all the hundreds of thousands of movies that have been made you mean to tell me these are the 11 that you should own?


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Love and Sex

Jon Favreau (Swingers, Dinner for Five) and Famke Janssen (Bond girl) have wonderful chemistry together. Cute, funny, romantic comedy; one of the best of the past 10 years.   

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Three Days of the Condor

Great spy movie. Realism, craftiness, character studies, and a nice love affair between Robert Redford and the enchanting Faye Dunaway. Watching the movie is like reading a good spy novel. 

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Glengarry Glen Ross

One of the scariest movies you'll ever watch, especially if you watch it during a time when your job is in jeopardy, and you're worried about the job market.


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Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

Redford and Newman at their best. Tense, funny, full of classic lines. 'Who are those guys?'  


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Reservoir Dogs

Mr. Pink, Mr. Black, Mr. White.. the gangs all here. Christopher Penn will be missed. 

Etch's List

Here's a couple of suggestions:

JCVD,  which is short for "Jean-Claude Van Damme"; Belgian film with Van Damme playing himself and getting caught up in a bank robbery. This is not an action movie, mind you, but a pretty nice, small, dialogue-driven film and you may even like this in spite of hating every Van Damme flick ever made.

Love the Beast, mostly for the gearheads. Actor Eric Bana in a documentary about his 1974 Ford Falcon XB GT he's owned for 25 years, rebuilt a couple of times and raced in various Aussie rallies. She's a real beauty and the very model that the famous black Mad Max Interceptor was built upon. I was amazed how professionally this was filmed, beautiful shots of various racing oldtimers.

Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam, more commonly known as "Turkish Star Wars"; probably the worst movie ever made and an absolute must see (although I had to turn it off after 10 mins); the acting is below Steven Seagal, the action scenes are stolen from Star Wars, the music is from Raiders of the Lost Ark; you can actually see a scene where the Millennium Falcon is flying *backwards* when they played one of the chase scenes in reverse for whatever hilarious reason.

-- Etch

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Harold and Maude

To watch the many ways that Harold simulates suicide early in the movie is worth the price of ownership. 

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Valdex is Coming

One of the great revenge films. 

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Combat Shock

Realism and a shocking, disturbing ending. You will either hate or love this movie; think it is half-baked full of bad acting or think its a low-budget contemporary of Eraserhead and DeNiro's Taxi Driver -- it may be both! But it is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable movies you will ever watch.  


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Woodstock; 3 Days of Peace of Music

A film that concentrated on the fans and the story around the concert as much as the concert itself. Great music too. 

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Raiders of the Lost Arc

Best ever action movie. Thrilling, tongue-in-cheek, and Karen Black is real cute. 


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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Standard fare for anyone's movie collection. I..D..I..-- Idiots -- It's for you.

 That's our list for now. More to come as we think of them. Please send in your list.

More Movies to Own...

 List Provided By Agent Satchmo Limer-Bean

1. The Sting

If you don't like this you are clearly mad.

2. Breaker Morant

Because it has a story in joined up writing.

3. The Magnificent Seven

When was the last time the hero was called Chris?

4.The Wicker Man

Sorry guys the proper British one.

5. The Deerhunter

6. In the Heat of the Night

Just for Poitier.

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7. The Desert Fox

James Mason as Rommel, amazing!.

8. Das Boot

9. A Room with a View

Probably the only film that is chapter for chapter the book.

10. Paths of Glory

Kirk Douglas as Col. Dax is just wonderful.


More Movies to Own

To Sir with Love

Wonderful story; will make you cry at the end when they give him the gift and Lulu sings the song. Have no idea why cheapest price for this movie currently on Amazon is over $44.


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Pulp Fiction

If for nothing else, own it just to watch Travolta and Uma Thurman dance and interact. 

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Apocolapse Now

The extra scenes added in Redux ruin the movie. If you can, don't get Redux ! (Note: link to the left is for the standard version). 



Catch 22

Classic comedy. Really a black comedy. Some of the most memorable scenes in film, and that Alan Arkin.. a riot. Art Garfunkle too -- great in this movie.