The Oscars 2002:

Good Show, Big Egos, and Halle Berry

Great to see Russell Crowe and his big fat ego not win; even if he did deserve it, he didn't deserve it for Gladiator, so what comes around goes around. Man, you can imagine how good that made Meg Ryan feel. I could picture her throwing grapes at her TV set last year. There's an actress who makes money on every movie she headlines, but will never sniff an Oscar. And Russell Crow -- let's get this straight -- he threatened to blacklist a producer from Hollywood because he cut Russell's reading of a 'poem'. Tough guy.

Good to see Denzil Washington win.  

Halle Berry deserved it, but gag me with a spoon. What a freakin' nut case. Don't tell me her golly-gee-whiz-I'm-overwhelmed acceptance speech wasn't the worst acting job of her career. Totally f'n phony.

But this dim wit stands up there and gushes over herself for like 5 full minutes. (then had the presence of mind to meticulously thank everyone involved, so she couldn't have been so 'overwhelmed' at all).

I'm sure Dave Justice (former husband) was vomiting at home multiple times.

Gwenny Goes Off the Deep End

What's going on with Gwenny Paltrow. Heading off the deep end it seems. A week after announcing she was quitting Hollywood because it was male dominated and she couldn't get any good roles, she shows up at the Oscars trying to look as ugly as possible. If she didn't do that on purpose, then there's no excuse -- any normal human being would have told her not to leave the house looking like that, let alone someone like Gwenny with I'm sure a coiffure of personal assistants. About the roles -- Gwenny -- between you and me -- I'll give you that Hollywood is male dominated and there aren't many good roles for women, but you've got to also face the fact that although you're one of the best actresses today, you've been cast-typed into 'victim' roles (A Perfect Murder, Bounce, Sliding Doors,..), or sidekick female starring roles, where you played the female lead, but were supporting nonetheless (Great Expectations, The Talented Mr Ripley, Shallow Hal). You just don't get the tomboy or romantic comedy roles that Sandra Bullock or Cameron Diaz or Penelope Cruz get, and you can't blame men for that.

Overall A Good Show

Overall it was a good show this year. Seems like the Oscar people are finally getting their house in order, understanding that the audience doesn't want to see endless presentations of lesser awards. Get to the big stuff, and entertain us. And that they did, with a bunch of vignettes (including a good one by Ben Stiller and Luke Wilson), and a tribute to NY presented by Woody Allen. And Whoopi did a good job, although I hear they're already trying to replace her because of bad ratings.