Keanu Reeves:
The Worst Actor of All Time -- Not

I just don't get what makes up a good actor. People who study acting, or study films, or watch a lot of movies, will tell you that Keanu Reeves is hand's down the worst actor today. Hand's down. Everyone tells me this. 

I just don't get it. What makes a good actor? What makes Reeves so bad.

I've watched his films, and he's had some stinkers, but he's also had some Great ones, like Devil's Advocate and The Matrix, and that movie with the runaway bus. 

Was his acting so bad in the Matrix -- no, actually it was terrific. I never thought once that he was acting. To me, good acting is when I never even ask myself if the actor is acting well -- when I'm totally emersed in the movie, and the actor is the character is the actor -- that's good acting. You want a bad actor -- I'll give you one -- Lawrence Oliver. 

That's right, Lawrence Oliver. One of the great actors of all time so they say. I've seen him in a number of movies, and every time I watched, it was like, oh he's acting now -- what a great acting performance, he's acting like an old man very well now, my god the emphasis he places on those lines. Another one -- Meryl Streep. Bad actress. Takes it too seriously. You can see she's trying to show herself as one of the great actresses every time she does a god damn role.

Used to be it was Sylvester Stallone who was considered the worst actor out there. People forget that Stallone wrote the screenplay and starred in the low-budget Rocky. He was great in it. First Blood -- he was Great again. He did that cop movie a few years ago, where he played an old, fat cop; he was Great again. I remember in the 70's there was a time when Robert Redford was considered a bad actor; just another pretty boy. So now maybe we're on to something; whenever a good looking actor or actress becomes too famous, the media tries to knock them down, saying they're really a bad actor. Redford was a Great actor. Played a lot of different characters. Always played them the same way, but doesn't everybody? A good actor plays themself. Everything else is bullshit. There are very few actors/actresses out there with good "range".

You give me an actor where I'm watching a film, and someone tells me two-third's the way through that "that's so and so", and I almost fall off the couch, that's great acting. Chameleons. Very few can do it. Cameron Diaz did it in Being John Malkovich, for instance. Val Kilmer's done it -- the role he played in Top Gun vs Jim Morrison vs anything else he's done... You know who's also done it -- two-thirds through the movie Speed someone tells me, "that's the guy who played Ted in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures" -- I nearly fell off my chair. Keanu Reeves.