Willie and Al Buying Things

A Play in One Act by Dick Acorn

Background: Al had approved about $250 worth of supply reqs for various needed items including a desperate bid for a clic eraser carelessly tossed a few days earlier by his naive assistant, Acorn.


Me: Al, I hate to break it to you, but we aren't going to be getting our supplies, including the click eraser, until next month.

Al (quizzically): What? Why not?

Me: Gloria says that Willie has put a hold on ALL purchases until at least next month. We're only buying items we really need like press blankets and such.

Al: (puzzled) Really?

Me: 'Fraid so.

Al: How much was our req for?

Me: About 250 dollars

Al (fuming): Well, how about if I tell Gloria that nothing can be purchased until MY signature goes on it?

Me: I'll put her on your Daily Call List. I'm behind you 100% on this. We need those things.

Al: Make sure I speak with her in the morning.

Me (instigating): Should I ask Willie about it?

Al: (resolved and grim): No, I'll handle it.