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   A Man on the Moon

Review by Rich Sheppard


Read a good book on this weekend. It's about the Apollo missions, and was the basis for the HBO documentary about the same topic. So I start reading it about 2pm on Saturday, and by mid Saturday evening I have 298 pages under my belt; I probably would've finished it by about 10pm. But what happens? When I get to page 298, instead of finding page 299, I find page 223, and the book repeats pages 223 to 298. Then, after the second page 298, the book jumps to like page 412, meaning that pages 299 to 411 are missing from the book! What a fucking bummer. It's missing all of the second part of Apollo 14, which was Alan Shepard's return to space from his ear problems - his only other spaceflight from his very first suborbital "first American in space" flight. The book then skips all of Apollo 15 and picks up with the Apollo 16 astronauts already on the moon collecting samples. I'd like to take the book to the publishing house - or the printer/binder - and stuff it up someone's kazoo. What a torment! I may have to buy the book now.

I guess I'll just move on to Richard Brookheiser's "Alexander Hamilton - A Portrait." I'm into the American Revolution now. I wish I lived back them. I woulda been hanged in the first month of the war, I'm such a dick. I love our Founding Fathers despite their flaws. Gigantic men. George Washington is considered in one book as the most influential military leader of all time, I think he's right up there as one of the most influential, period.

His monument in DC should be a mile high, so when it falls over, it will hit Bill Clinton's Oval Office just as Bill is getting ready to unzip.