Book Reviews


Condi Versus Hillary

by Dick Morris

Review by Richard Sheppard


Love him or hate him, Morris is one of the best pure and astute political analysts out there. No one doubts Hillary is running for president in 2008; Morris makes a decent if unconvincing case (for this reviewer) of a Condi presidential campaign then. He does offer some intriguing political arguments and polls (his specialty). No matter what Condi does, this reviewer is still ga-ga over her, while conceding professional pol Hillary "Bruno" Clinton would probably defeat the lovely and gracious Ms. Condi. But by these lights Condi isn't runnin'. Condi as Veep? Maybe - to counter an Afro-American Veep candidate on the Bruno-Hillary ticket. The year 2007 will clarify Morris's predictions, the hope here is a Rudy Giuliani GOP candidacy.