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Dark Side of Camelot

by Seymour Hersch

Review by Dick Laresch


Just kicked off Seymour Hersch's "Dark Side of Camelot" yesterday, his scathing exposť of the Kennedys. I'm not a big fan of Hersch, but the man is an incredibly gifted investigative journalist and a compelling writer. I could've easily read the book in a single sitting yesterday, but I took a little nappy for a few hours and read it sporadically while the b-ball games were on TV.

"Kennedy was far and away, far and away the most prolific philanderer to ever occupy the Oval Office. The guy banged everything that he could get his hands on and then some."


Occasionally I was unable to interest my roommate in other activities. I'm right at the point where LBJ blackmailed his way onto the '60 Kennedy ticket. LBJ - a weasel of the first order, and occupant of the Oval Office during America's first crucial years in 'Nam.

Interesting and extremely pertinent but virtually unknown fact about Kennedy's fatal day in Dallas. About a week or two before his Dallas trip, he was frolicking in a pool with one of his innumerable sexual bimbos, when he somehow badly sprained his groin muscle (maybe a bad entry angle during anal sex). In order to immobilize the muscle to promote healing, doctors made Kennedy a stiff canvas brace that ran from his thigh to his underarm. This brace, along with a conventional back brace Kennedy wore, severely restricted Kennedy's ability to bend forwards or backwards.

So when Oswald's first shot hit Kennedy in the neck - a shot that wouldn't necessarily have been fatal - the braces prevented Kennedy's body from reflexively jerking forwards or backwards. He therefore remained upright and a sitting duck for the second shot that blew half his head onto Jackie O. Talk about your weenie getting you in trouble!

I don't have nearly the same animosity towards Kennedy as I have for Clinton, but Kennedy was far and away, far and away the most prolific philanderer to every occupy the Oval Office. The guy banged everything that he could get his hands on and then some. His old man is among the most odious and scum-gathering humans who ever walked the planet. Joe Kennedy is easily top 20.

Hersch has written a history of Israel's acquisition of the Bomb, and another about America's biological and chemical warfare arsenal, books which are now at the top of my Must Read list. 

-- Dick Laresch

Reader Feedback

Knew about the brace, did not know under what circumastances JFK came to wear it.  Good work, Dick

-- Ponch

Does the "good work, dick"  refer to our own Dick Laresch or the late
pres kennedy's member?

-- BD



I was relaying this tale of JFK's misfortune to a gal here at work, and she said god has a good sense of humor, having JFK hurt himself in this manner, requiring the brace, and thereby presenting an ideal target for Oswald.  I agree.  By the way, this brace was an additional brace to the brace that Kennedy always wore for his back.  His back brace would've allowed him to lurch forward or backward after taking the first bullet in the neck.  The stiff body-length brace he was wearing for the strained groin, THAT add-on brace let Oswald get off the fatal shot that ruined Jackie pink dress and day.  You know nobody was happier than LBJ that dickweed!/p>

As I finish off the Hersch book, which should be considered the definitive history of JFK's methods and rise to power, it's increasingly clear that the American people are truly in the dark about the behind-the-scenes hushed-up workings of their public officials and government; to this day, the same kind of tawdry take-no-prisoners-on-the-road-to-power approach is likely the standard.  And even Nixon, he was a crook, though he wasn't in JFK and Joe Kennedy league.  But boy as he proved with Watergate, he WANTED to be.  Watergate can almost be taken as Nixon's purely reflexive response to the shafting he took in '60.  As soon as he had those power levers, boy, he wanted to out-Kennedy the Kennedys.  While Nixon UNDERSTOOD power better than anybody, no one quite WIELDED it like the Kennedy's, especially that gerbil-faced cocksucker RFK.

In Nixon aide John Ehrilchman's book, "Witness to Power," the day that RFK announced he was running for president in '68, with his likely Republican opponent being Nixon, Nixon watched RFK's announcement on TV. After it was over, he turned off the TV and stared at the blank screen for a long time, before pointing at the blank screen and quietly saying to the other people who had been watching, "this is bad.  Don't they know what they're doing?  Don't they know the forces they are going to unleash?  Nothing good can come of this."  If these remarks aren't classic Nixon, nothing is.  And of course, the "forces" ultimately found Jack Kennedy's little brother Bobby lying in the kitchen of a California hotel, HIS head in a pool of blood.  We live in an interesting world.

Shortly afterwards, Jackie Kennedy became Jackie O as in "Onassis," as, genuinely fearing for the life of John-John Jr and Caroline, she fled to the comparative safety of the Greek Isles under the protection of hooligan shipping tycoon Ari Onassis.  We all know how that story ultimately ended last year off Martha's Vineyard.   

-- Dick Laresch