On the Town   

Alexander Hamilton

New York, NY - July 12, 2004 - today is the 200th anniversary of his passing. He apparently died the day after the duel with Aaron Burr, which was on July 11. His tombstone says July 12 (either a really bad typo or it took him a day to die from the wounds).  

They cleaned up his tombstone two weeks ago, and put a bunch of flowers around it.

It's been a bad year for Alexander, what with all this talk of replacing him on the Ten Dollar bill with Ronald Reagan.

A lot of people don't even know that Alex was never an American president -- he was born in Haiti of English decent and since he was foreign born, he could never become president.  

 But he was the "Father of America's Financial Institutions".

So let's hear it for Alexander, still the best looking guy on any American currency!

-- LouV

Postscript: I always thought the guy was a little loopy for agreeing to the duel with Aaron Burr to begin with. But today I found out his son also died in a duel years earlier with someone else; very proud family.