Pictures from the Blackout of 2003

by LouV

Some pix from the blackout of 2003, in New York City. 

If anyone ever asks you what time it all happened, it was 4:10pm:


Lots of happy people (some of these people ended up sleeping on the concrete sidewalk all night):

Catching the news on the one tv around (in the ATT building on Broadway):

Actual dialog: 

Him: “Making any deliveries to Westchester?”. 

Her: “I’m not going ANYwhere…”



Everyone was talking about switching their cell phone service (Verizon and ATT were working):


Here she comes. Like a knight in orange armour, the Staten Island Ferry always runs. 


More happy people:


Coast Guard protecting the harbor:

I’m pretty sure this guy had no clue there was a blackout going on:


Some tempers flared by the buses:


My favorite picture of the blackout.