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 Building Freedom Tower -- The Journal 

Paperbacknovel contributor Dick Sheppard, who works in an office directly overlooking the World Trade Center site, hopes to track progress of the ascent of Freedom Tower, which at 1776 feet will be [more]

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Rebuilding the World Trade Center

July 2009 Installment of the Monthly Journal 

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By Dick Sheppard

July, 2009 

The following is a picture story of the site in July 2009. For accompanying video coverage, click here (Overview from Above) or here (Street-level Walkaround). For last article providing full written coverage, please read the February 2009 installment here.

Construction worker supervises placement of materials at base of Freedom Tower.

Lots of work going on at base of Freedom Tower.

Base of Freedom Tower, looking south.

Check out the port-o-potties.

Freedom Tower steel rising.

A view into site, looking through a see-through sign that itself was a picture of the site.

View from Zuccotti Park -- looking at Liberty and Church Street intersection, and Tower 4 Construction. In the far ground can be seen the Freedom Tower steel rising.

Tower 2 construction site at northeastern corner of site still has activity, even though Tower 2 construction is under re-negotiation right now..

View of Freedom Tower steel rising, from outside the temporary PATH station looking west.

View of Freedom Tower from Vesey Street corridor -- just off Chaos Corner (intersection of Vesey and Church Streets).

All pictures above were taken with a Casio Exlim EX-S10.

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