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 Building Freedom Tower -- The Journal 

Paperbacknovel contributor Dick Sheppard, who works in an office directly overlooking the World Trade Center site, hopes to track progress of the ascent of Freedom Tower, which at 1776 feet will be [more]

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Rebuilding the World Trade Center

August 2009 Installment of the Monthly Journal 

[Read the sidebar, Building Freedom Tower -- The Journal for introduction]

By Dick Sheppard

August, 2009 

The following is a picture story of the site in August 2009. For accompanying video coverage, click here (Overview from Above) or here (Street-level Walkaround). For last article providing full written coverage, please read the February 2009 installment here.

View from Church Street looking west, aboard the Big Taxi Tours bus. From left to right -- World Financial Center (WFC) Building 2, World Financial Building 3, the brand new Goldman Sachs Building (just topped out), the old NY Telephone Building (now owned by Verizon), and the relatively new World Trade Center Building 7.

Taking a picture from Zuccotti Park, looking northwest. The brand new Goldman Sachs building, just topped out, sits center, to the left of the old NY Telephone Building.

View from Church Street looking south.

On "chaos corner" (corner of Vesey and Church Streets), heading west toward the Freedom Tower -- it can be seen as the red steel in the background. It was a hot August day; 90+ degrees Farenheit and humid.

Base of the Freedom Tower.

Base of the Freedom Tower.

Onlookers peek through holes in the fence on the temporary passageway over West Street.

Green is the colour -- Pink Floyd.

Female construction worker at base of Freedom Tower.

Across the road and down a block -- looking at new construction behind J&R from Church Street.

View of new Goldman Sachs tower silhouette (center, left of old NY telephone building) taken from Church Street by Millenium Hotel.

All pictures above were taken with a Casio Exlim EX-S10.

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