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 Building Freedom Tower -- The Journal 

Paperbacknovel contributor Dick Sheppard, who works in an office directly overlooking the World Trade Center site, hopes to track progress of the ascent of Freedom Tower, which at 1776 feet will be [more]

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Building Freedom Tower

December 2008 Installment of the Monthly Journal 

[Read the sidebar, Building Freedom Tower -- The Journal for introduction]

By Dick Sheppard

December 18, 2008 

Park is lit up for Holiday Season -- looking Northwest toward Freedom Tower site.

Steel rises above street level at National September 11 Memorial and Museum at Southern end of site. Picture is taking looking North into site.

Freedom Tower Construction Site Looking Eastward From West Street

Freedom Tower site -- Northwest tip.

Freedom Tower site -- Northwest tip.

Freedom Tower site -- Northwest tip.


Looking at fence on Northern end of site, looking Southeast with snow coming down on night of December 18, 2008.

Looking southwest at site from Northeastern end -- black Deutsch Bank building still stands.

Buildings at Southern tip of site.

All pictures above were taken with a Casio Exlim EX-S10, except for the top-most video (Freedom Tower Construction -- Overview from Above), which was taken with Sony PC330.

All pictures and video on this page are copyright paperbacknovel.com.


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