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May, 2003

Gwenny Paltrow and Coffee


There's something about Gwenny Paltrow that you have to love. Or Gwynny. 

Maybe it's the frown. And her looks. She seems like a good natured person. No airs. 

And then there's this thing she has with walking around town with a cup of coffee in her hand.

When seen last July (2002), Gwenny Paltrow was seen walking the streets of Soho, NYC, spilling coffee on herself. 

Two things about this picture, captured by a NY Post photographer:

  1. You just gotta love the Gwenny Paltrow frown, and

  2. What the heck was she doing with a common street-vendor cup of coffee, and not a cup of Starbucks.. serves her right, and all that..

Well Gwenny was undeterred..

 Gwenny and Coffee Redux

Wasn't a month later when this picture was taken of her in London, again by a NY Post photographer.

Apparently she’s not only upgraded her brand of coffee, but her type too – looks like a pair of Frappacinos (wonder who the other one’s for). Also note the cover on the frap, and no spill.

It is for pictures like these that I love Gwenny Paltrow. And Starbucks. And The NY Post. 

But hold on.. 


Gwenny and Tea? Part III

Just a few months later, during the week of the Grammy's in February 2003, Gwenny was caught with her Grammy guy on the streets of lower Manhattan, again by a NY Post photog, and this time.. 

.. looks like she's switched to tea !!!

And notice the spill-free metal container ! 

And notice how big the container's getting !!

Gwenny and Coffee Part IV

April 2003, London... NY Post photog captures Gwenny again..

Looks like she's become a devotee of those spill-free metal containers. 

But would you take a look at the size of it !!!

Gwenny seems to have some sort of spy look going on .. but what the heck does she have in that bag?

Nice shoes Gwenny..



Gwenny and Tea -- Part V

May, 2003: I can't keep up with her.

But the NY Post can.

Maybe Gwenny really is a spy. Caught here passing the potato to her lover-liason on the streets of NYC.

In any case it looks like she's got him drinking tea now too. Or more specifically an Elixir smoothie.

More to come I'm sure.  

-- LouV





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