National Organization for Men
Can't Pay the Rent

New York City, May 10, 2003 - The National Organization for Men is no longer headquartered at 11 Park Place. Gone. They moved. They used to be on the 11th floor. Lefty, the building superintendant, said it was the rent – too high, which is odd because the rents have been low in the neighborhood since 9-11. Everything’s going residential so the commercial rates are going up again. 

Plus the guy running it was getting old. Apparently it was mostly a one-man show. The guy running it was a lawyer of some fairly famous clients – Donald Trump, Playboy, etc, and was somewhat famous himself after starting the National Organization for Men thirty years ago as a tit-for-tat publicity stunt vs the National Organization for Women. So this guy, forget his name, Saul something or other, he told Lefty he’s getting too old. He’s in his eighties now; arthritis in his hands, can’t grip anything anymore..

Something disconcerting about them not being in the building anymore. I’d never visited them but one time my friend Rich went down and asked for a whole bunch of application forms. He gave them out to all the guys in our company, and some of the women too. Anyway, Lefty also told me the building across the way, which used to be the old IRS building but is now residential, is completely full. Rent is $3,500 per month for a 1000 sq ft apartment. But the interesting thing is that every morning between 7 and 7:30 am, there’s an extremely attractive woman who comes out on her balcony and does exercises, completely in the buff. Calisthenics and everything. On her balcony. So all the building janitors are coming to work early all of a sudden. 

Wonder what the National Organization for Men would have to say about that. Young pretty woman living on her own being able to afford such a rent, in a neighborhood where they can't afford the rent, and strutting her stuff like that. They’d have a pretty good view..  

-- LouV


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