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On the Town provides news and stories from the streets of New York City, and sometimes other cities as our correspondents travel about.

Building Freedom Tower 

The Monthly Journal

Paperbacknovel contributor Dick Sheppard, who works in an office directly overlooking the World Trade Center site, 

tracks progress of the ascent of Freedom Tower in a detailed monthly journal. Freedom Tower, at 1776 feet, will be the tallest structure at the completely rebuilt site. [more]


Keep Building, Larry !

Dick Laresch covers opening of 7 WTC and chats with architects David Childs, Ken Smith, and reporters Deroy Murdoch, Felicia Taylor, and more..  [more]

Lunch on Larry 

Dick Sheppard attends NY Senate Hearings on the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, in the soon-to-be unveiled 7 WTC, and comes away with lunch on Larry, and the latest goings on.  [more


Ground Zero Journal

Miscellaneous notes on the scene of WTC in the months after Sept 11, 2001. [more]



"Hidden Hurricane",
March 2010, NYC

Photo story of the "Hidden Hurricane" in NYC, March 2010. [more]

NYC's New "Polar Rink" --
Plastic Beneath the Planets

NYC's new "Polar Rink" explored -- an ice skating rink made of plastic! [more]

Paperbacknovel.com Newsletter Travels the World

Distribution of paperbacknovel.com newsletter around the world ..
Issue #2 Issue #1


Life on Top of the World

A bird's-eye view of life amongst the clouds in lower Manhattan, NYC. [more]


Skyscraper Museum

Located in lower Manhattan, the Skyscraper Museum has a disappointing number of exhibits but the gigantic pre-construction model of the World Trade Center is ... [more]

Winter 2009 in NYC

Picture Story




Terrorist 'Tube' Steaks

...After you’ve plastered up at the Tube, if you have a few crumply onesies and a few jingles of change, you tumble down the little Tube alley [more]


A Bull's Life: 

Lance Armstrong
Rides the Bull

July, 2004: They’ve put up posters of Lance Armstrong all over NYC, above all the entrances to the subway, culminating in this building-wide poster downtown near Wall Street across from the bull. [more]


A Good Night Out   

"... I woke up about 4am this morning lying on Jefferson Avenue next to the reservoir, with my pants wet." [more]

Alexander Hamilton

On the 200th Anniversary of Alexander Hamilton's death, we examine the "Father of America's Financial Institutions" [more]


Port-o-Potties and Me

..the embodiment of the Woodstock concert. Something you can touch and feel, even after the concert is long gone. [more]

Seen Around Town: 

Gwen Paltrow 
and Coffee

May, 2003: When seen last July, Gwenny Paltrow was walking the streets of Soho, NYC, spilling coffee on herself. [more]

Prettiest Dummies in the World

If the world turned into a Twilight Zone episode tomorrow and storefront dummies became real overnight, I'd be heading to... [more]

Men Rule

Was reading an old American Spectator review of a book by superscum queen Helen Girlie Brown, and when she was in her 20's, she had a fling with the .. [more




Madness at Midnight

by A Tortured Redemptionist -- The running series of a view of NYC nightlife by a NYC doorman [more]

National Organization for Men
Can't Pay the Rent [


Christmas Cheer from Cuff's

Teterboro Airport, New Jersey [more]


New Orleans

How to Make Money off of New Orleans [more]


Pictures of the North East Blackout of 2003 [View] 


Rutherford NJ Auxiliary Police Recruiting
A First-Hand Report


How many grandparents do you have? [more]


Lou's Food Reviews

Recommended local places to eat, around the world [more]