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Lou's Food Reviews

By LouV

Recommended local places to eat, around the world: 

New York City:

Spaghetti Western

New York City

Lower Manhattan, on Reade Street Between Broadway and Church St. 

Pasta dishes and American fare. Great sauce; great salads. Italian movie posters of Spaghetti Westerns on the wall. Smell of wood in the air. Crowded everyday at lunch. Make reservations for large groups, or wait 15 minutes. Pricing: moderate 

Geno's Italian Pizzeria

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

The most popular Italian eatery in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, which says a lot. Lines outside the door on Friday/Saturday nights. Great sauce, great salads. Neighborhood clientele. 



Crab Heaven

Coco Beach, Florida

"Where all Good Crabs Go"

Their sauteed Soft Shell Crab is out of this world. 


St. Louis:


1860 Hard Shell Cafe 

St. Louis, Missouri

Known locally as BB's. Try their Crawfish Gumbo -- cajun spicy and out of this world; or any of their seafood dishes. When you're done eating, go up front to the bar and listen to some hard core, local blues bands.

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