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Skyscraper Museum

By Dick Sheppard

May 2006 - Had a pleasant opportunity to take some time out from my workday and meet my web pard Lou and visit the Skyscraper Museum, which promised to be an entertaining, informative trip. The museum is nearby both of our workplaces at the south end of Battery Park City, and it was a lovely spring afternoon to walk over there and look at tall buildings (both actual and representative), and generally mope/escape the workplace.

I remember this museum used to be located on Wall Street proper in temporary quarters - about 10 years ago, maybe longer, right on Wall near William Street. It occupied, I could be mistaken, the lobby of the building just east of 40 Wall Street, a one-level museum with some nifty building models and historical miscellanea.  Now, in there new dedicated quarters, I thought the museum might’ve expanded, but it really hasn’t. This was a bit of a letdown, since New York – Manhattan – is among the skyscraper capitols of the world, if not the preeminent thought-link when the word “skyscraper” is mentioned. All in all, the space is fine, the location a bit off the beaten track, but the museum would benefit from more exhibits. Granted, the gigantic pre-construction model of the World Trade Center is worth the price of admission alone. But I thought there might’ve been more photos, maybe a timeline, that I seemed to remember (but could be mistaken) from the Wall Street version of the Museum.

As a fan of New York, museums, and skyscrapers, I can only hope that the Skyscraper Museum will attract the kind of exhibits that will help it claim its rightful place among the soaring buildings which surround it. Such are the lofty ambitions when you are in New York City. And it was great to see Lou for lunch a few laughs, and generally mope/escape the workplace.   

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