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September 2009

Life on Top of the World, Picture Show


This picture almost looks unreal, but it is an actual photograph, taken with a Casio Exilim EX-S10 on a late August evening, 2009 -- around 8pm. No special setup -- I just pointed to the sky and clicked the button on the pocket camera. This is the Metropolitan Life Building in New York City, at 23rd Street. Picture was taken from Madison Square Park, looking up.

I then spun around toward the Northeast and took this picture of the NY Life Building (to the left).


Bridge connects two massive Trinity buildings in lower Manhattan, NYC -- the one on the left is the Trinity Building (111 Broadway), the one on the right is the United States Realty building (115 Broadway).


Blending new with old in lower Manhattan, NYC. Building on the left is the Marine Midland Building. Picture taken in June, 2006.

December, 2004:

The pictures below were taken in December of 2004.


Crow's Nest

Like a Crow's Nest, the top of the Trinity Building in lower Manhattan, NYC, offers a conservatory-like view of the city.

What the hell do people do up there?  

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Trinity Church Building, NYC


Trinity Church Building, lower Manhattan, NYC.

Temple in the Sky

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus piled on top of the bell tower of St. Mark's in Venice is the design concept behind 14 Wall Street.

The original headquarters of Bankers Trust, when it was first built it was the world’s tallest bank building at 539 feet high. Like many early skyscrapers it took the Venetian bell as a model for its office tower, but unlike the rest became the first to top it off with a seven-story stepped pyramid modeled after one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. The bank then took the pyramid as its trademark and took as its slogan “A Tower of Strength". 

Behind 14 Wall St and partially obscurred by fog is the 72-story Donald Trump Building, 40 Wall Street, originally Bank of Manhattan Trust Building. 

Life On Top of the World

Life on top of the world, in the shadows of the old World Trade Center. (Click to enlarge.) Question: What the hell do people do up there?! Answer: presumably sunbathe, shoot the breeze, play basketball.. and live the life.

Drapped Kingdom

Like a drapped kingdom, buildings in lower Manhattan are renovated from aftermath affects of September 11th.

Winged Lions take up sentry positions.


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