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Photo Story

Winter in New York City

By Lou V

The papers say we are heading into a Depression, as bad as 1929. Companies are laying off thousands. Everyone's worrying about their job for next year, if they aren't laid off already. NY State Governor Patterson is hiking taxes. All three US automakers are near bankruptcy. The backdrop to winter in NYC, 2008-2009.

Merry Christmas Wall Street, early December 2008.

On Friday, December 19, a 4-inch snow hit NYC.

The end of the line for NYC transit in Tottenville, Staten Island, December 20, 2008 -- snow and then sleet with temps in the low 20's turned everything to hard ice.

Staten Island was a winter wonderland, as snow fell gently on Saturday night, December 20, 2008 -- turning Christmas lights into a wonderful backdrop against the snow.


Great Kills, Staten Island, December 20, 2008. All that snow is rock hard from the temps.


The photographer's house.

Houses took on the look of an inviting respite from the storm.

Merry Christmas Staten Island.


NYC police car on Broadway in lower Manhattan in late December, 2008. Temps in low to mid 20's.

Trinity Church and NYC Taxi in Lower Manhattan on Church Street, late December, 2008.

Early December, 2008 -- Hudson River from a NYC office viewpoint.

Cafe Reggio in the Village in NYC offers one of the best ambiance's and cappuccino's in NYC.

All pictures on this page taken with a Casio Exlim EX-S10.

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