Pretty Women   





Common Courtesy

If you are walking behind a girl who is a 'piece of ass', and you notice
other guys checking her out, one should always move to the side (while still walking behind her) so as not to impede their view. In this way all can be
accommodated. It is common courtesy.












A Celebration of Beautiful Women

Dear Guys:

How about a pretty woman from the U.K.? This wonderful looking babe is our very own Nigella Lawson, Domestic Goddess. I know you have your Martha, but who cares about matching cushions when you've got Nigella licking a spoon!.

Blimey it's the Limey

-- Satchmo from Liverpool

Prettiest Dummies in the World

If the world turned into a Twilight Zone episode tomorrow and storefront dummies became real overnight, I'd be heading to... [more]


Broads in Plastic Tutu's

... Not only were the tutus plastic, but they also had speakers built into them; these speakers

 emitted what can accurately be called “UFO-type” noises – “Woooooeeeeoooo Woooeeeoooo” would approximate this... [more]



I am starting to feel about Angelina Jolie the way I once felt about Gwyneth Paltrow until the Enquirer started running doctored "fatty" pics of gwynny.  Spring fever is hitting my sinused head like a rubber sledge.




As much as I do adore her, it is also her lifestyle that holds such appeal: she lives life like a TV character. Since I can't be too sure because I don't watch TV, let's say she lives life a celebrity: flitting about from party to party, dressing snazzy, smoking cigarettes when it's cool and disparaging them when it's not. Winkie is not just a lovely woman - she is a walking exhibit of the bold, the beautiful, the "in". She glides amidst her Big City environment with the ease of a graceful and wondrous ocean ray; she cries but never lets "him" see her cry. She is All-Millennium Woman, she dazzles the end of the 20th century with her youthful and hip exuberance. 

When she wears boots it is a treat beyond the riches of Araby to imagine her sensuality. She knows the important difference between a spy bar and a bubble lounge; Amagansett and Quogue. These are critical distinctions among her set and she makes them with alacrity and vigor. She is Winkie Wonder Woman - just the top of the broad heap and I'd like to climb atop that mountain and jump for joy looking at the rest of the poor guys who ain't up there with me. Her laugh will make you silly, and such silliness would surely inspire the most incredulous lovemaking of all time and all place. -- RS


The Fence

There is a fence in life. It is the fence of being into big breasts, and not being into them. Most men are on one side of the fence or the other. 

Corollary: Some guys are 'on the fence'.



The NY Times

The women's underwear commercials in the Times are beyond, good; they're astounding.  My father says the Sunday Times is the new Talmud.  I think they put those undie ads in there for some repressed hebrew dudes with bad comb-overs.