Dick Acorn = Jury   

Kathie Lee Gifford

Did you catch Super Bitch Deluxe Kathie Lee being interviewed by that lemon-lipped sister Super Bitch Diane Sawyer on 20/20 last night?  And there was Frank the Giff, trying to be contrite about banging some stewardess a few years back and getting bagged by The Globe.  

Here are 2 Truths you can take with you to eternity:

1) Kathie Lee is one of the biggest phony superbitches the human race has ever produced... 
2) Frank Gifford is still out there fuel-injecting other broads.

If anyone noticed, and I watched this interview like a hawk because of my utter displeasure with Kathie Lee, if anyone noticed how thick her eyelash makeup was, it made her eyelashes very spiky, and she had that look about her eyes like the Malcolm McDowell lead character from "Clockwork Orange," The eyelashes alone would be enough to convince you that Kathie Lee is a complete loony-toon bathead, but then every so often when she wanted to make a point about how much the Giff had "hurt" her, one of her eyes would involuntarily squint or wince, and that of course as any amateur mental health expert like Acorn can attest -- that is a DEFINITIVE sign of fucking loonacy.  And she had this way of holding her head back and making her eyelashes prominent like the actresses in the old movies, very dramatic effect, she must have practiced it, and it's a horrifying vision that I'm sure gives Frankie nightmares when he's both awake and asleep.

And there she was that SuperbitchCunt, saying how she "immediately" forgave the Giff, and then she goes on to describe how she made the bastard's life hell for like a year afterwards.  Sounds to me like most broads, she wants to have it both ways:  I forgive you but watch your back!  Poor Giff, he looked almost as bad as Mike Tyson when Robin Givens gave him the going over with Barbara Walters some years back.

The most ridiculous moment came when Kathie Lee - who's always groaning about how she has no privacy - decides to share with her tortured listeners how her and Giff "spent a lot of time in the bed."  To which Frank dutifully replied, "I loved that."  Yeah right, Frank!  You loved those super gazonga boobas on that stewardess you got caught on tape with you washed up old fuck!  Frank said at one point he wanted to drive his Mercedes convertible into an abutment when he realized he'd have to confront Katy Lee about getting caught.  I'd personally like to know what he's still doing here.  Being with Kathie Lee as Ultimate Victim, I woulda set the fucking car on fire and drove it off a cliff.  Better to take my chances in the unknown afterlife than live with that phony fucking superbitch.  

Ultimate phoniness number 1)  After pissing and groaning about how much pain they went through and how sorry Giff was, they both then blamed the broad for setting them up, like that makes everything all right.  Kathie Lee used this especially effectively to wash her hands of any contributory guilt on her part ( like not being able to tend to Frank's woody so he had to stray) by being wishy-washy about whether she "forgives" the stewardess for letting Frank romp with her supertits.  For a fucking dame who's always talking about "god this and god that" she sure is selective in her forgiveness, but of course, she has that right as a Super Bitch Deluxe.

Ultimate phoniness number 2) Kathie Lee wants to drag Philandering Frank onto Diane Sawyer's therapy show for some additional torture and it just so happens she's promoting an album of DREADFUL "closure" songs that Howard Stern parodied so beautifully over the past few days. 

She is the Ultimate Super Bitch deluxe:  shamelessly selling the most "painful" moments of her life for some goddamn album exposure!   The Bitch has no shame, she's a hollow friggin plastic celebrity figurine who needs to spend lots of time in a mental clinic.


Ultimate Irony:  I love watching/listening/reading about Kathie Lee, I love the torture she inflicts on my life, just once I'd like to give her a few snaps with a cat 'o nine tails, though.  That broad is my fucking Moby Dick.