The Legendary ShepEXPress Newsletter Flies Again

After a number of years lying dormant, the ShepEXPress newsletter is back in action here on the pages of Renowned for its gripping commentary on the New Jersey political scene and lifestyle in the 1990's, ShepEXPress is back in a virtual, electronic form. 

Stay tuned for updated blog postings from Rich Sheppard and a host of guest writers. 



Rich Sheppard appears in July in The Jersey Journal and on -- above is a reprint from that report. [Click here for full article.]

Hiking the Jersey Train Trails

Hiking a trail taking you through deserted train tracks near Jersey City, New Jersey.

"Auld Lang Saloon"

A Jersey City Institution Closes - Farewell Gimberts

Gimberts, a century-plus-old bar in a tough corner of Tufftown Jersey City shut its doors for good on March 17, St. Patrick's Day, 2007. I was lucky enough to make a simultaneous first (and sadly) final - visit on the "final Friday," March 16, to soak up some warm nostalgia and more than some ice cold Miller Genuine Drafts. A trip backwards in time, and further evidence of the changes affecting Jersey City. [more]

For My Posting Friend

The Wheelman

The Wheelman's simple devotion to his beautiful Sacred Heart church inspires devotional journeys, whither these roads take us; it's a worthy journey with a guaranteed happy ending. The Wheelman says it's so, and he's a worthy and devout guy worth heeding. [more]


Broads in Plastic Tutu's

... Not only were the tutus plastic, but they also had speakers built into them; these speakers

 emitted what can accurately be called “UFO-type” noises – “Woooooeeeeoooo Woooeeeoooo” would approximate this... [more]


Dick Acorn = Jury

Victoria Gotti Speaks Out
On Lizzie Grubman

Victoria Gotti responds on Lizzie Grubman [more] 

Lizzie Grubman either love her because she gives you access to the “high life”, or you hate her with the bitterness of lemon rinds in sour milk.. [more] 

Torricelli for Sale

...Why is it not surprising, given the Senator's questionable stock-swindles of the past - that he once more finds himself in ethical troubles?... [more]


Anne Heche

..what does it say about American taste that so many people scramble to watch these psychotic defecations .. [more] 


Winona Horowitz

First of all, what you have to ask is: why did Winona Horowitz change her name to Winona Ryder?  [more] 



Mariah Carey

... suffered the daunting torture of wealth and celebrity victimhood and has degenerated into a whacky simpering hospital case... [more]


Mothra Sewage as a cretinous, greedy, imposterous “domesticated” demon... [more]



'Billy Club' Beating

...tossed my miscreant ass into the Hudson County Pavonia bull-pens... [more]

Kathy Lee

..she had that look about her eyes like the Malcolm McDowell lead character from "Clockwork Orange," [more] 




Pluto = Planet = Forever

Dick Laresch defends Pluto, attacking the International Astronomical Union. [more]