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Senator Torricelli's Stance on US versus China

April 10, 2001: While often and grindingly disagreeing with the Senator's ideas and opinions, I would like in this instance to commend him for his sturdy words on China.  While this can never be enough to make up for his foolishness in Guatemala and elsewhere in Central America (not to mention his celebrity dalliances with former courtesan Bianca Jagger and the extreme bathead Patricia Duff), at least he has his head screwed on right vis-a-vis the Chinese.  "Talking tough on China" has been a fun and worthy pastime since at least Nixon; time for talk in this instance is over.  Please advise the Senator he is on the right track vs. the Chinese.

-- Dick Sheppard


April 18, 2001

Torricelli - For $ale

Dear Senator for Sale,

Ho Ho Ho Ho - Why is it not surprising, given the Senator's questionable stock-swindles of the past - that he once more finds himself in ethical troubles?  Let's hope this time he gets nailed and nailed good.

It is clear now why Bob was making so much noise about being tough on China - he knew his name was going to be in the headlines for his financial shenanigans, he figured he may as well get his name out there for something else to deflect attention.

Imagine, talking tough on China and taking gifts from a Chinaman?  A trick right out of the master's playbook - the master being the recently deposed Oral Office expert.  But then Senator Bob's had his share of loose dames, too.

Maybe Bob can get his kooky friend Patricia Duff to help him out with a few dollars - probably she already has.  Wait!  She got gifts too!  How cool is that?  The image of FBI agents trolling Englewood shops and asking shopkeepers about mysterious Chinese people making purchases for Bob is priceless and might stand as the signature moment of Bob Torricelli's sordid politcal career.

Maybe it's time for bob to take a permanent leave of absence from the public spotlight he loves so much, the hypocritical crook.  Will he resign?  Of course not, he's as shameless as the other "Grand Apologist" Bill Clinton.  NEVER apologize.

What a pair of "upstanding" Senators NJ has the great good fortune to have representing the state.  Then again, it ain't such a hot state anyway if it elects the likes of Bob and Jon and for that matter "Christie."  Surprised Bob hasn't made a run at her. 

When is Bob going to make an apology?  Oh wait, he won't apologize - he didn't do anything wrong!  And then again neither did the Chinese!  Right! Oh, but Bob wanted an apology from THEM.

With any luck, Bob will go down in Senate lore like ABSCAMMER Harrison Williams, if Senator Bob had the humility to leave his Senate seat to someone with a shred of decency and honesty.

It was obvious all along the way Senator Bob was living the highlife and loving the spotlight that he was gonna get his comeuppance but good.  Throw the bum out.  Not just from the Senate, but from the State, too.  Maybe off the planet.

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-- Dick Acorn