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by Victoria Gotti


I'll Be Watching You

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Victoria Gotti Speaks Out on Lizzie Grubman 

Below is Dick Sheppards response to Victoria Gotti's column of Sunday 7/21/2002, and her response to him...

Ms. Gotti, read your Post column often, enjoy it but somewhat less often, and overall welcome your presence in the nation's (world's?) finest tabloid.

HOWEVER: you gotta be kidding me with your Tizzy Grubman (and it is GRUB-man not Groob-man) fawning. Notice the words that Tizzy uses when she apologizes: "I'm so sorry that innocent people got hurt," and not, "I'm sorry I hurt those people." Tizzy, aside from being quite an unattractive and sleazy-looking broad, is clearly spoiled beyond redemption. And nothing you or any of her other media and celebrity-besotted pals write can change that reality.  

Inadvertently, you gave the game away when you described your meeting with Tizzy in some Long Island coffee shop: it sounded like she was blitzed (would you get in a car with her driving?)! By rights, anyone without the juice her equally slimy old man brings to the table would be sent to the dankest lesbo-ridden jail in the NY State penal system. She'd probably love it.

It is GRUB-man, not GROOBMAN

Dick Acorn Speaks Out
on Lizzie


Dick Sheppard
Jersey City, NJ  

Victoria Gotti's Response (July 22, 2002):

Dick--loved your response--like i said--i only believe she is genuinely sorry -- now -- perhaps, you are right -- perhaps she is sorry because she now must pay -- therefore her apology is self-serving -- I do feel she is guilty, however and must be made to pay -- stay strong -- keep reading and responding.