December 29, 2001

Mo Vaughn is God

LouV (Yankee fan):

Mo Vaughn is god.

Lawrence Schneier (Met fan):

Mo Vaughn is too fat, too slow, and too expensive. Plus he plays first base (when he is healthy), so what happens to Zeile. Giving up a quality right handed pitcher like Appier for Vaughn is a bad trade. Juan Gone is the man.


Well Tod Zeille is not God. That's for sure.

20 years ago there was a ballplayer named Fred Lynn. Played for the Red Sox. One of the great all-around centerfielders ever. Great defense. Strong arm. 330 hitter with power. Good speed.

He left Boston and went to play for the California Angels as a free agent. The rest of his career he was a .270 to .280 hitter.

That's what Fenway Park can do for a ball player.

Look at Mo Vaughn his first 6 years with Boston. 320 to 330 hitter with power. Then he goes to.. California Angels. Since then -- 270 to 280 hitter.

Playing half his games at Shea, Vaughn will give the Mets these overall numbers: 35 110 .280

I believe in having great pitching, but for some reason, I'd rather have Vaughn if I'm a Met fan. It'll make Piazza better, and give the Mets a juggernaught of an offense. Estes replaces Appier.

By the way, think about the above the next time you hear someone talking about how great Garciappara is.

Lawrence Schneier:

And at Yankee Stadium, the short porch doesn't pad HR numbers?

Estes is a Lefty. The Mets will have all lefties in their rotation. That's not good.

Zeile is definitely not God. But, I can't see him in the outfield. Especially if his elbow is still not good.


only pull hitters. Derek Jeter does not make out well, HR wise, playing there. Shane Spencer makes out well. Yankee stadium is a pitcher's ballpark by today's standards. Shea is death valley.

Zeille is going to the outfield?

Lawrence Schneier:

If they don't trade him, where else would he go?


minor leagues.

Lawrence Schneier:

he's not that bad, and I don't think the Met's want a $6.5 million minor leaguer.

To be continued.

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