July 28, 2000

Patrick Ewing

No one can begrudge Patrick Ewing his desire to convince the Knicks to part with $30 million for the privilege of having Patrick lead them into the first and perhaps even second round of the NBA playoffs. What we can begrudge the big, non-NBA champion doofus is his continued insistence that he has any relevance at all to the Knicks chances of winning a title: the only relevance is that Knick management might recognize they aren't winning a title with Ewing, and cast aside their sentimental blindfold and show "Saint" Patrick the door. We all know the real St. Patrick led the snakes off the Emerald Isle. The only place the Knicks St. Patrick has led them is off the road which leads to an NBA title.

And if Patrick wants to make noises that he is going to play for another three years (the one still remaining under his current Knick contract plus two more) even if it means leaving the Knicks after this upcoming season, then set the brother free. Ideally, no matter where Patrick goes, he never tastes the sweet euphoria of a championship season. Ironically, he may well achieve the goal if he accepts a limited role on a solid contender - maybe playing pee-potty holder for a genuine NBA center product - Shaq O'Neal or perhaps even 'Zo Mourning.

Let's face it. the Knicks have wasted 15 years waiting for Ewing to lead them to the promised land. Every year it's the same mantra coming out of the Garden: This year we win with Patrick. They're saying it again this year, they might even believe it (but can you?).

And now Patrick says pay me or goodbye. Let him leave, let him go scrape gum off the court-sweeper's shoes somewhere. Overrated, arrogant, and almost certainly never-to-be an NBA champion, Patrick Ewing can take solace in counting his enormous paychecks. Nothing personal, it's just that relying on Patrick for an NBA title has been the worst NBA bet anyone could've made over the past decade and a half. Let the big man go, get him the hell out of here. Bring in a winner, someone who doesn't think an entire team revolves around him, and them fails to bring that team a win.

Bye, bye loser. Go get your $30 mil elsewhere, if you can.

--Dick Acorn


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