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"Boston Sucks" T-Shirt 

Banned from Yankee Stadium

Did you know that you can’t wear a Boston Sucks t-shirt at Yankee Stadium anymore?

The new rule took effect in 2002 – part of Major League Baseball’s new Family Decency Act. The act started in Seattle.

..this all happened the summer after 9-11, when everyone in every major American city started wearing I Love NY t-shirts... [more]

Archives Revisited

Yankee Fun -- Behind-the- Scenes Look at Roger Maris 61st Homer Giveaway

.. and getting Fred's secretary down on the field. [more]

I Watch the WNBA Too !

The on-going adventures of Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox and WNBA fan.. [more]

Dwight Howard Is a Tiger;
Eddy Curry Is a Bear

Comparing two of the NBA's elite new big men. [more]


NY Yankees 2009 Ticker Tape Parade a Dud

Yankees were great. Ticker tape parade wasn't...  [more]


The NBA -- Where Game Fixing Happens

Put an asterisk on the league...  [more]


Bobby Murcer
Photo Tribute

Bobby Murcer photos from 1974..  [more]


Roger Clemens Witch Hunt

Roger Clemens gets burned at the stake of Mike Wallace and 60 Minutes and the US Congress..  [more]

Anucha Browne Sanders = Hero of the Stupid

An email exchange with Andrea Peyser and Kati Cornell during their biased coverage of the Isiah Thomas trial..  [more]

Why the Knicks Don't Suck

Long live Isiah Thomas and James Dolan, the most respectable men in NYC..  [more]

Why the Yankees Lose

It's not Torre, Steinbrenner, 'lack of a team', spoiled players, the GM, or the pitching. It's..  [more]

2007 NBA Draft in Review

The June 2007 NBA Draft in Review. [more]

10+ Years After

The 1996 NBA Draft in Review

First of a series that looks back on NBA drafts; the good picks, bad picks, steals, and disasters. [more]

Minaya's Minions

The Mets Turn Latin

If Ricky Ricardo was still alive, he'd be playing for the Mets. [more]

Why the Knicks 
(used to) Suck

Isiah Thomas has turned the Knick roster around 180 degrees in two years. Or actually maybe it's 360 degrees because they still suck. [more]

PBN Sportsource FLASH:

Cowpile Winfrey May Go to Vikes 

Twin Cities, MN - PBN Sportsource has exclusively learned that Outsize Trophy winner Oprah “Cowpile” Winfrey’s agent Kenny-boy “Willie” Johnson has been meeting with the Minnesota Vikings as the Vikings consider selecting the gigantic offensive guard Winfrey with their coveted number one overall pick in this year’s NFL draft. [more]

NCAA Basketball Tournament:

March Money Madness

Come on Emeka Okafor and Jarrett Jack and BJ Elder and Tony Allen, entertain us. [more]

Skating Strumps NFL!

Skating strumps have a lot going for them in that they are pretty, athletic, and seemingly wholesome. But this is a facade.. [more]  


Why Bobby Murcer Should Be in the Hall of Fame

Tony Perez has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. What does this mean? Should Bobby Murcer go in now too? What about Graig Nettles? [more]

21st Century 
Steroid Man

And so the truth is out -- Jason Giambi is a Steroid Man.. And all those other guys like Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds .. [more]


34 Is 34

Giambi is now 34 years old, at the precipice of death for baseball hitters [more]

Another One Bites the Dust

Mario Lemieux = 'roids?

Cancer in his twenties, hip problems in his thirties, and now a heart so bad he could drop dead on the ice, is Mario Lemieux another steroid man about to skate free into retirement? [more]

Just Say No

No Hall for Pete Rose

So Rose as manager, can almost guarantee himself at least a draw on the bet, if not an outright win.  [more]

The Deer Hunter

There's a guy who works directly over the cubicle opposite mine who is a major hunter, and obviously this is his time of year. All I hear constantly is talk about guns and weather, camouflage, roughing it, affect of wet weather on wooden gun parts, proper sighting techniques - you get the picture. I am major pro-gun and pro-hunting, but this guy is one tiresome bastard. I guess, though, that I can be the same way, talking about Winkie all the time, or my bo-ring job. 

I think the dude has already bagged 2 deer and is trying to figure out ways to bag more. I hope he gets his limit and shuts up already. On Halloween, this guy came in looking like a fucking tree; he had tree camo on. Quite silly but I'm not criticizing.

-- Dick Acorn

2003 World Series:

Free-Agent Marlins Edge Out
Home-Grown NY Yankees

Let’s remember that the New York Yankees feature a team based on stars that were brought up through their farm system, more than any other team in baseball today, while the Florida Marlins are a collection of players accumulated through high-priced free agency. [more]

Mo Vaughn is God

Yankee fan and Met fan discuss Mo Vaughn.

Point: Mo Vaughn is God.

Counterpoint: Mo Vaughn is too fat, too slow, and too expensive.. [more]

Lou's List:

Greatest Centers of All-Time

  1. Shaquille O'Neill -- greatest center of all-time, by far. No one's close.

  2. Akeem Olajuwon -- untouchable in his prime; carried Houston to two championships single-handedly.

  1. Patrick Ewing -- about as good as Chamberlain, but with a better jump shot. If he played in the early sixties against a league of 6'8" slow white centers, he'd have scored 50 a game too. Was better than Olajuwon late in their careers; dominated Mourning and Mutombo even when they were in their prime. Only problems -- small hands, not a great passer (neither are most centers on this list), and Michael Jordan.

  2. Wilt Chamberlain -- better than Russell. If he played with 5 hall of famers on his team, he'd have won 8 championships too. If you rank them by how a player stood out against the competition they played against, then Chamberlain goes to #2 on this list; if you rank them by impact on the game, Chamberlain goes to #1.


More on Patrick Ewing from the Archives: 

NY Knick Fans and Patrick:
Losers Together, Losers Apart

Yeah you can believe that the jack off Garden Knick fans, who pay the equivalent of 4 tank-fulls of gas to watch 2 hours of meaningless NBA mid-season basketball, you can believe that these “sports fan” morons would stand and cheer the return of the biggest franchise disappointment .. [more]


Big, Non-NBA-Champion Doofus

No one can begrudge Patrick Ewing his desire to convince the Knicks to part with $30 million for the privilege of having Patrick lead them into the first and perhaps even second round of the NBA playoffs. What we can begrudge the big, non-NBA champion doofus is his continued insistence that he has any relevance at all to the Knicks chances of winning a title.. [more]