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July 26, 2001

Yankee Fun

And Getting Fred's Secretary Down on the Field

Behind the Scenes of the Roger Maris 61st Homer Giveaway

Today Applied Printing Technologies (APT) is giving out at the Stadium "flip-books" of the Roger Maris 61st homerun. You know -- you hold the book and flip through it and it looks like a little motion picture. Anyhow, I'm trying to get my hands on a few of these for you guys, they're kinda neat. I'm still trying to get my hands on the most recent issue of the scorecard magazine, these things disappear fast -- you see them all over the place and the next day poof you can't get a fucking one. One of the partners here at APT is a huge Yankee fan and is trying to do more and more Yankee printing and taking the bath but it's his money; he wants to blow George in the owner's "blow" box. We should all have a "blow box" but of course life is unfair..

The Roger Maris Flipbook

We probably printed about 60,000 of them, probably cost about 45 cents each; the whole thing is probably costing around $40-50K. I just talked to the guy who worked on the job; I got some reserved and will mail them to you guys. I think it's going to be a hell of a playoffs this year, and if the yanks get through it, this will be their sweetest championship yet during this run. 5 in 6 years and four in a row, that's impressive even for a non-Yankee fan. For any player to play on 5 championship teams, that's a fucking dream from heaven. George may not be getting blown in his box, he's probably twisting his schlong off in his hand. He has a Pam Anderson flip book in one hand, it's hard to work with one hand but possible, and he's got his williewonka in the other.  

Getting Fred's Secretary On the Field

I spent some frantic minutes trying to get Fred Drasner's secretary down onto the field because when a company sponsors a give-away, they get to go down on the field and be thanked by the Yankees, and a player comes out and pictures are taken, etc.  Anyway, Fred's secretary was supposed to be down on the field, she was up in the "Babe Ruth" box, and she couldn't get down there.  So it falls to me to call Yankee Stadium in a race against the clock, go through the switchboard, explain who I was, and finally get to a luxury box manager broad who was able to send someone to bring Drasner's secretary down onto the field.

The luxury box broad didn't want to do it, she said they had already made an exception to let more than two people on the field and Drasner's secretary would be the fourth. I pretty much told her my ass was on the line.  It was a damn close thing -- but she got onto the field about 1 minute before the presentation.  I never should have had to do it (it all should have been set up ahead of time and not by me because if I was supposed to set it up I would've done it right), I will not get credit for doing it, but if I failed I was a convenient scapegoat.  All in a day's work.


-- Dick Acorn

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