November 6, 2009

Yankee Ticker Tape Parade -- 2009

Who doesn't like a parade? Especially NY Yankee fans celebrating the Yankees 2009 World Championship? Well many NY Yankee fans don't -- not if the parade is boondoggled as much as New York City did the 2009 parade. Almost impossible to screw this up -- millions of Yankee fans filling the streets; everyone happy; office workers raining confetti and toilet paper and all sorts of paper down on Broadway. How can you put a damper on that? The 2009 parade organizers did -- orchestrating too much time between the floats carrying players, throwing in all kinds of marching bands and buses filled with people no one knew; stretching what should have been a 20-minute parade into an hour and 15 minute marathon, throwing cold water on the crowd to the point where there was much booing. Booing!!!

It all started out great -- much anticipation and millions of fans crammed into lower Manhattan on the morning of November 6, 2009, to cheer the 2009 Yankees on, as they had just won the World Series.

Electricity in the air along with toilet paper and sparkly colored paper and all kinds of paper raining down in gusts, waiting for the parade to begin.



The float carrying Hideki Matsui -- World Series MVP -- kicked off the parade. He arrived by the Marine Midland building (pictured above) at about 11:15am. Pandemonium. The crowd in an electric roar; rising, rising in volume. Confetti raining down. Here it comes -- a spectacular Yankee victory tickertape parade!!!








Cold Water

And then.. nothing. Ten minutes went by. Then a marching band. Then a bus with a bunch of people that we didn't know. The parade organizers might have just as well thrown cold water on the crowd. Finally another player float 15 minutes after Matsui had gone by. "It's not going to be like this the whole parade is it?", someone next to me asked. "No, can't be; no the players will come in a steady stream soon," someone answered.

Still nothing. Then another marching band. Then a few more buses with people we didn't know. Fifteen minutes later another player float. The excitement was gone. Another bus of people we didn't know. Another fucking marching band. Another bus. Then the "Who are You??!!!" chants began. And the booing. Buses full of Yankee organization employees and what not, being booed outright. They were waving at us taking video of us from the open-top buses and floats, and we were booing them.

The crowd could still muster up cheers for the players when their floats finally did arrive intermittently; Andy Pettitte here, and Derek Jeter there, and Nick Swisher and CC Sabathia somewhere in between.


Andy Pettitte

Where's ARod? The parade can't end until ARod comes by. ARod came by. You missed him. We did? No, we didn't miss him yet. Yes he did, he was on a float 5 minutes ago. Are you sure?

Is that it? And the police started removing the barricades as a clue that yes, the parade was over. No final police caboose, as previous parades had had. This parade was a total dud.


The parade ended down at New York City Hall. There Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave each player a key to the city, and there were all sorts of thank you speeches. It all ended with JayZ doing a surprise live rendition of the song of the season and the day -- Empire State of Mind.

And then it was over, and the cleanup began.











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