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Larry Hagman and NEXRAD




Scientists Discover Astonishing New Bird

Dr. Richard "Dick" Pavlichek Acorn announced today the discovery ...  [more]


May, 2006 -- Time magazine's list of 100 "Most Influential" is pointless because Time's definition of "influential" appears mostly to mean "celebrity." [more]

The Adventures of..

Dick the Missile Man

... So around 7pm each evening I would go to the 2nd floor at 110 Washington Street in Lower Manhattan, and ... [more



Life's Event of the Millenium

Obviously, printers take a certain pride in this recognition, and as a "valued" member of the "Brusco Printing Dynasty" all I can say is, "huh?" [more]


Back to the future: how many grandparents would you have 200 years ago? [more]



Nucular Exchange

I was looking at a website called 50 Facts about US Nuclear Weapons .. and emailed this guy without knowing he is a honcho at the Bulletin. Here is our exchange. [more]




Pluto = Planet = Forever

Dick Laresch defends Pluto, attacking the International Astronomical Union. [more]