TIME's Glaring Omission

May, 2006 -- Time magazine's list of 100 "Most Influential" is pointless because Time's definition of "influential" appears mostly to mean "celebrity." While the list includes worthy recipients, it also includes the mindless (Katie Couric), the talentless (Steve Colbert), and the plain puzzling (Michele Wie?). Many make the list purely to serve Time's desire for celebirty hip-ness and political-correctness (Ellen DeGeneres).

Can anyone doubt that the 100 Most Influential are among the Colonels, Majors, Captains and troops of all ranks who are protecting American interests in Iraq and Afghanistan? Yet Time, in its reflexive anti-American and morally-relativistic worldview, includes terrorist Al-Zawahiri, and Venezuelan tin-horn tyrant Hugo Chavez. Including these without including those who stand against their evil designs is a disgrace. Time Magazine long-ago ceased being a serious publication.

In its never-ending desire for circulation, Time has taken the low road of celebrity worship to boost readership (what's so influential about a Will Smith?). By naming undeserving celebrities as "influential" Time only underscores how uninfluential it has become as a serious news source. What a shame that this formerly upstanding magazine does not celebrate America 's truly most worthy - our serving troops, and those who sacrifice to bring genuine, worthy change to this world.

-- Rich Sheppard