Election Rigging? A Roundup of Lawsuits on Mail-In Voting in US States that Will Affect the 2020 Election

Mail-In Voting may determine the 2020 US Presidential election. Accusations abound that Deep State forces running the Democratic Party are looking to fix the election by allowing massive mail-in voting. Here is the state-by-state breakdown:

Florida — Democratic organizations filed a lawsuit seeking to suspend ballot-return deadlines and laws limiting who is allowed to collect vote-by-mail ballots to deliver them to local election offices.

Arizona — Similar to Florida.

Michigan — Similar to Florida.

Minnesota — Similar to Florida.

Pennsylvania — Similar to Florida.

Wisconsin — Similar to Florida.

North Carolina — Democratic legal groups filed a lawsuit arguing that the North Carolina should:

  • eliminate the requirement for 2 witnesses to sign a mail-in ballot,
  • extend the deadline for when a mail ballot must be received by,
  • allow for voters to fix any signature discrepancies before the state can reject a ballot, creating an elongated voting process, and
  • provide prepaid postage for all ballots.

Texas — requires voters who wish to vote by mail to demonstrate a physical condition or sickness that prevents them from going to their polling place. In April 2020, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that lack of immunity to COVID-19 does not qualify a person to apply for a mail-in ballot. Some experts say the Texas case is likely headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

New Jersey — wants to prohibit election board from ejecting a mail-in vote where the signature doesn’t match what is on record — instead requiring election board to notify the voter, and accept a revised ballot, creating an elongated election process.

Nevada — Nevada is the latest on the list, summarized by this tweet by President Donald Trump:

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