Trump Boat Parades — And Golf Cart Parades! — a Massive Story

The propaganda media (NY Times, et al) finally reported on the Trump boat parades yesterday after 4 sank in rough waters in Texas. They sank due to taking on water in very rough waters.

The sinking of the boats is now trending on Twitter for 2 days, with the Deep State Dems making fun of the Trump boaters, and drawing metaphors that it was a #BlueWave (also trending) that sank them.

Par for the course of rigged Twitter trends.


But these Trump boat parades in themselves are the biggest news story of the day — each of these many boat parades that are taking place across the nation every weekend.

Importance: It shows Trump has MASSIVE support. Biden can’t get 50 people to show up for him who aren’t paid. Yet the fake polls were showing Biden with a big lead in the polls that has ‘recently narrowed’. Goal: when the Deep State Dems rig the election with the mail-in’s they can point to the polls and say “SEE!”

The Woodstock of Our Era

Coronavirus caused the Trump rallies to be cancelled. The Trump rallies were like the Woodstock of our era — thousands of people of all races getting together in grass roots fashion — to be in harmony; anti war; and take back the country from the globalists.

Some have surmised one of several reasons why the man-made Coronavirus was inflicted on the world was to end the Trump rallies, and get the French Yellow Vests and the Brexit and the Italian protesters and the Lebanese back in their homes as well. Other reasons: crush the economy, and then necessitate a mail-in vote where the election was ripe to be rigged.

The Trump boat parades grew beautifully out of a need for people to show their support and get around Coronavirus restrictions. You can’t tell people to not conjugate or wear a mask on their own boat. And BAM a new Woodstock was born.

Here are the boat parades reported by citizen journalists — this list is being added to from the top, as they continue:

Saturday, Oct 10, 2020:

With the weather turning October cold, the Trump Boat Parades detailed below have been replaced with Car Parades and other get togethers. Such as..

versus a typical Biden rally:

Saturday, Sept 18, 2020:

Amish Parades!!!

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020:

Trump Car Parades! 16,000 to 20,000 Cars!

Sunday, Sept 6, 2020:

San Diego:

On the Potomac, Washington DC:

Lake Lanier — 700 boats expected — they reportedly got 4000:

Saturday, Sept 5, 2020:

Lake Travis, by Austin, Texas:

Pensacola Florida:

Table Rock Lake in Missouri:

North Carolina — Top Sail Island — 2000 boats:

Lake Ouachita in Arkansas – 1500 boats:

Even in little lakes in Sacramento California:

New Jersey:

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota:

Sandusky Bay, Ohio:

Lake St. Croix in Minnesota:

Big Cormorant Lake, Minnesota:

Morgan City, Louisiana

North Dakota:

Trump Golf Parades!

Trump supporters all over who don’t own a boat are expressing their longing to join a Trump Boat Parade. Last weekend there was a Trump Golf Cart Parade!!!

Trump Car Parades

And let’s not forget the Trump Car parades — like the one that assembled to Take Back Portland last weekend:

European Bogus Extended Lockdown Protests

And the great people of Europe who got together last weekend for MASSIVE protests in London and Berlin to protest the bogus extended lockdowns:


More Trump Boat Parades

Weekend of August 29, 2020:


Weekend of August 22:

A small lake in Tyler Texas:

The Finger Lakes, NY State:

Weekend of August 15, 2020:



Clearwater Florida broke the record for world’s largest boat parade:

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