Canadian Trucker Freedom Protest

The Canadian Trucker Freedom Protest has been an event of the century — fed up with forced vaccine mandates to cross the US-Canadian border, Canadian truckers began a freedom convoy to Ottawa. From there things dominoed — with truckers from all over Canada joining them and setting up protests in several other key areas of the country, the farmers joining them, and then truckers in Australia and all over Europe (Germany, France, Austria, Italy, etc) creating their own freedom convoys.

“A Small, Fringe Minority”

Initially, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the truckers a “small, fringe minority.” Despite the fact that millions were turning out to protest.

National Emergency

By February 17, Trudeau announced a national emergency and invoked emergency powers, issuing in a totalitarian state that allowed him to send in the military police to arrest the truckers.

Freezing Bank Accounts of Supporters

By the first weekend, $11 million had been donated to the truckers via GoFundMe — but GoFundMe then announced it considered the truckers an anarchist group and was freezing the money — initially requiring donors to fill in a form to get their money back, and announcing they would give any money not returned to a charity of their choice. After a huge backlash, GoFundMe announced they would automatically return donor money.

Donors then gave money to GiveSendGo — and within a week close to $10 million had been raised there. But then the Canadian Government announced that it was illegal to give anything to the truckers, who they labeled a terrorist group, and it would freeze any money donated to them via GiveSendGo, and also freeze bank accounts of donors. A few days later in mid February, an anonymous technical force broke into GiveSendGo and stole the donor list. Within days, the main-stream propaganda media published the donor list, doxing all donors.

Key Tweets As History Is Written in Front of Us

Here are key tweets that show the Canadians coming out by the millions to support the truckers:

The first tweet:

The people joined at overpasses:

Iconic photo:



At one point everyone across the globe wanted to be in Canada — Ottawa to be exact:






Downtown Toronto weekend of Feb 6:

Blockade at Coutts:

The Canadian Cowboys arrived:


The Crackdown Begins

Police take the fuel

Trucker Trying to Feed His Kids

Canadian Mounty on Trudeau Security Team Resigns

The Farmers Arrive

Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Canada (25% of intercountry commerce) Shut Down


Propaganda journalist asks Trucker if his kids are safe — Canadians behind him break out into song:
Ottawa Police take Trucker Firewood:
Honking Made Illegal; Provding Truckers with Gas Made Against the Law — the People find another way
Canadian observer — well spoken. A ‘Racist”???

Canadian Truckers Inspire Protests Across Globe

The Canadian Truckers inspired similar Trucker convoy protests across the globe. Europe had already been having MASSIVE protests in major cities for months — 30 straight weekends in Paris, France for example, and similar protests in Germany, Italy, Australia, and Austria — but they were now joined by trucker convoys.
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