Since 1998, has been a resting spot for book reviews, music reviews, news about town (especially NYC), and stories — because everyone has a story; actually many stories.


Rich Sheppard

Editor, Senior Writer

Mr. Jersey City.  Citizen Journalist, Life Enthusiast, Agent Provocateur.

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Lou V (aka Paperbacklou)

Editor, Nom de Plume

Used to talk to himself in shower a lot before forming the paperbacknovel set of sites, and before the advent of Twitter. BS degree in Engineering and a Masters in Journalism. Former Shelter Survey Technician as college kid for FEMA, surveying “public and commercial buildings for their applicability as Fallout Shelters in case of a natural or ‘man made’ disaster”. Was once thrown out of “Save the River” office by Abbie Hoffman (who ps was a great guy) attempting to survey his building for Fallout Shelter status. Mike Bloomberg once made a joke at his expense on Staten Island Ferry, saying out loud “He’s the only one working” as Lou cordially waved off his handshake as he was too busy on his laptop. In pursuit of truth, justice, and the other side of the story.

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