Richard Paul Sheppard Bio

Born Jersey City, Margaret Hague Hospital on Baldwin Ave., just before the pivotal 1960 election between J.F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Father Paul, born Brooklyn, N.Y., Mother Mary born Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland. Named for Richard Nixon.


St. Paul of the Cross, Jersey City ‘74, at Hudson Catholic High School for Boys, Jersey City ’78, B.S. Management and Economics ’87, St. Peter’s College, Jersey City. Seminar “Terminating Employees” 1999.


1973-74 Starr’s Restaurant, Jersey City – dishwasher
1975-6 Carvel Ice Cream Parlor, Jersey City – general helper
1976-1979 – Rosen Decorators – stock boy
1977-78 – St Ignatius Loyola Jesuit Residence, New York City – busboy, dishwasher, and liquor thief.
1979-91 – The Bank of New York – messenger, mail-clerk
1985-90; 95-96 Central Avenue Liquors – stock & delivery
1991-94 – Tiger Communications – copywriter and administrator
1994-95 Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Centers – Assistant to Mr. Stanley Kaplan
1995 – Bureau of Electronic Publishing – marketing administrator
1995-98 – Popkin Software & Systems – Asst. to the President
1998-2000’s – Infiniti Color Graphics/Applied Printing Technologies – Executive administrator

Milestones (through age 21)

First Address: 343 New York Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07307
First Best Friend: Tommy Rossi of South Street, Jersey City
First memorable fist fight: Billy Rider, 1971 (also first major win)
First crush: Joanne Victory, 1971 – St. Paul of the Cross
First grown-up book read: “The Lost World,” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
First medical emergency: disjointed wrist, illegal roof ascent, late spring 1973
First organized team sport: Paul Cuprowski Association, #8 school jr. basketball, 1973-4. League Champs
First adult kiss Mary McCarthy – grammar school graduation nite, June 1974
First self-gratification: spontaneously, early 1975
First girlfriend Donna J. – summer, 1975
First love: Donna J. – summer, 1975
First complete intimacy: ditto – December, 1975
First drunk: summer 1975 – two quarts of Budweiser in Michael Kelley’s shed (Terrace Avenue)
First alcohol puke: ditto
First major beating: Bernard Anacharrio – Poplar Street – July 1977
First Rock Concert: Pink Floyd “Animals” tour July 4, 1977, Madison Square Garden
First car: purchased spring 1978 – 1972 Buick Electra Limited.
First bar drink: Bonners D&J, Baldwin Avenue, Spring 1978
First pay-per-do: following Boston concert MSG, summer, 1978
First Dark Side encounter: ditto
First car wreck: January 5, 1979 – Electra totaled
First vote: Ronald Reagan

Living, loving, and dying in Jersey City

“At heart, I am convenience-oriented and Jersey City supports this attitude: Work and play as you need in Manhattan, use the PATH train and mass transit to get anywhere. Taxes are high if you own property so that can be a bummer. If you can’t get something you need in a 10 mile circle of Jersey City, you really don’t want it. There’s no point in going to the suburbs because there’s danger to myself and others out there. Home is where the heart is and the heart is in J.C. The most interesting woman I ever dated and never slept with observed: “Nothing good ever grows in Jersey City.” I ignore this sentiment while understanding why she makes it. I am susceptible to the baser elements of the Jersey City lifestyle, while enjoying it’s proximity to everything I really want.

Work Ethic

” Being productive and occupying time usefully is life’s greatest gift.”


Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson: British Admiral and Victor of Trafalgar
Richard Milhous Nixon: U.S. President and Cold Warrior
George Washington: Father of Our Country
Abraham Lincoln: Savior of the Our Country
Ronald Reagan: Victor of the Cold War
Nathan Hale – Patriot
Clarence Thomas – Victor of PC
Patrick Buchanan – The Last Cold Warrior
Stanley H. Kaplan – Gentleman and Scholar
The Explorers – Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon;
Vasco da Gama: First European Around Africa into the Indian Ocean;
Ferdinand Magellan, First Around South America into the Pacific Ocean, more to come
Secratariat – 1973 Triple Crown winner

Enjoyable Literature

Stephen Crane (novels & short stories)
George Orwell (novels and essays)
George Bernard Shaw (drama)
Oscar Wilde (drama)
James Joyce (short stories)

Enjoyable Poets

Wallace Stevens
Lord Byron

Enjoyable Non-ficiton/Journalism

Stephen Ambrose (history)
John Keegan (military history)
Sir Edward Crecy (military history)
Tom Clancy (military)
John Sears (Civil War)

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